Why do a lot of women hate video games?

Some play games some hate it some don't like itWhy do a lot of women hate video games?Why do a lot of women hate video games?


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  • I dont really hate it but honestly it irritates me time to time. My boyfriend is a gamer, not a pro type but he games regularly and he explained to me that its his hobby and how he connect with his friends. I totally understand that and I dont mind. It irritates me the most when he comes home claims he is so tired then he got all boost up gaming right after dinner and leave me on the bed alone to sleep then he climbs to the bed told me how tired he is. I guess I can never understand why he keeps saying tired tired tired but put his time on the screen then to the bed to sleep. Lol It irritates me and I feel like "Well you deserved it coz you didn't rest" ... but I never hated it as he never treated me as an interruption when I need his attention in between his games. Just as the destiny 2 came up recently, Im adjusting again how he goes all crazy about it, now its still alright as he would still keep his gaming in time not like sitting there for the whole night.. I accept it but still adjusting really lol

    • Maybe it is something you two should communicate about besides bottling it up. If it is an issue, try and compromise, if it isn't too big of a deal, that is cool to. We all have to deal with something we don't like right?

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    • @Dim1213 I would understand that ;) I told him I got irritated sometimes because I feel like an idiot there too. Its also because we don't live close to each other, and each week we only get 1.5 days together. And its how the new game came out and he started to game so much more, which he wasn't like that before so I need to adjust and understand it. And he told me its a temporary behavior and well I believe as he really wasn't like that lol But as long as he still talks to me and trying his best to split his time, its all good.

    • That is good you can handle it somewhat, I hope that gets better. I understand where your coming from, I can totally see how that is a drag sometimes!

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  • They actually think the stupid social pecking order mind games that exist only in women's collective hive mind is somehow more real or more important than Mario eating the mushroom so he can fly.

    They have their games, we have ours. And nothing infuriates them more than when we don't play their games with them. So hating our games is their form of "revenge" for the fact that we aren't slaves to the Great Feminine Unconscious, or "The Matriarchy," if you will.

    What they call "The Sisterhood" is something all women work for and protect and believe in, but it only actually benefits the young and pretty girls anyway, even though EVERY woman is expected to sacrifice for it constantly, their whole culture of decorating themselves and everything around them is all about conformity to a single standard.


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  • Howard Scott Warshaw, the creator of Yars Revenge, gave a talk about the game at GDC. Yars was released in 1982 for the Atari VCS, and if you haven't played it, its a space shooter where you play a big bug and you have to shoot a cannon at this spaceship thing, and you load your cannon by eating its shields - describing it doesn't really do it justice...


    It's pretty incredible! Anyway, he was saying, they were "Play Testing" the game, which meant something somewhat different than what 'playtest' today means. Basically they had people come in and play two games, give their details, and rate the two games. One was somethig that was already out & doing well, & the other was the game they were testing. Basically, they wanted to see how people compared it to games on the market before they released it.

    Yars outperformed the game it was running against in the test scores - which was 'Missile Command', a very popular and beloved game. The playtest scores are sorted into four categories: Boys, Girls, Adult Men, and Adult Women, so they can see who they might want to market it to. Yars overwhelmingly performed the best with one group: adult women. Atari marketed it to boys.

    Why? Who knows... Warshaw says there was 'a lot of politics' at Atari, which is something Warren Robinett (Adventure, 1980) also talked about during his GDC talk. Atari was a weird company. Warhsaw suggests it didn't fit their profile for what adult women want to play: it was a space shooter, which is something women "dont want to play" according to Marketing (who, he adds sarcastically, "dont play games but know all about who wants to play games"). Atari felt like they were struggling to make games that would appeal to adult women, but kept marketing the games women liked to boys! (Ironically, one of the two female developers at Atari - Carla Meninsky - worked on Star Raiders, another space shooter!)

    Anyway, here's my answer: women generally dont hate videogames, but people generally misuderstand how women feel about videogames, and the kind of games women like are often misunderstood or not considered.

    P. S. can you imagine what shmups would look like today if they had been marketed to women, and not boys? I can't really imagine it. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with how shmups turned out - dead in the water for the industry, but in continual elaboration in the doujin & freeware world. Some genres only have life when they lose mainstream appeal...

  • I never used to until my current boyfriend.

    The odd game? Fine. A guys weekend? Fine.

    My boyfriend goes to work, the second he comes home he's on the computer.
    I cook dinner, he comes down to eat and is immediately back until bed.

    On a weekend he's up at 9am and games for about 18 hours. If I ask for so much as a hug and a kiss I'm an "interruption"

    And then I'm blamed for lack of intimacy ­čśé

    Yeah. Tell me what's to love about that.

    • You have a lot of me time

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    • Red dead it great. Do you play gta with mods?

    • Nah not normally. Problem with these games is they aren't split screen as it would be easier to game together on 1 device.

  • I love video games!~
    My favourite game is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

    • Best game, great story.

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    • It's a portage of an old Super Nes game that was never released in North America. A precursor the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Its gameplay is similar but it's WAY harder and hardcore. When I first started to play that game I wanted throw my 2DS on the wall and then the game grew on my like a virus and I couldnt stop playing.

    • @Franitz Hmm. I may try it. Busy with school and other games though.

  • I think some people think it's a waste of time.

    Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with entertaining yourself, so long as it doesn't take up most or all of your time.

  • I guess some think it's immature and for little boys. My boyfriend is a gamer and his ex hated it. He works everyday, but after work he likes to play video games. I don't mind because I love video games.

    • I guess you are a little boy then

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    • well thats ok, clubs are overrated anyways. better off sitting at home then being in a room with a bunch of drunk sweaty people dancing.

    • @FreedomByChoice that is true.

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  • They don't hate the game they hate it taking time away from them

  • They hate it because it takes away the focus and attention on them. Same thing with football on TV.

    They are eternal insecure children who can not deal with their lack of attention. Without generalizing of course.

  • As a guy myself I even hate how much other guys are crazy about them and spend hours playing. I can understand how women hate that. I myself can't get into discussions with other guys about Call of Duty or the latest games. Growing up they were fun, but now I have other things I'd rather focus on.

  • Haha and its so annoying when they try to bother you and talk to you about your day while you are playing. I see so many women do that in relationships. The few women who do like video games know what I am talking about, they hate being interrupted too.

  • I'm glad, that most women don't mind it.
    Because those females, who hate their boyfriends hobby gaming are definitely not girlfriend material, are needy and would only make their lives harder than being single.

    And of course those, who hate it don't care about their boyfriend but are fully self absorbed where it's all about me, me and me.

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