Do girls reject guys they like/have a crush on?

There’s a girl that I’ve had the longest crush on in college. First time I locked eyes with her it felt different and amazing. Ever since then, anytime I see her on campus we pretty much eye f**k each other.

I’m confused now because she sort of “rejected” me when I saw and approached her at a party. She didn’t push me away or anything. And she didn’t mind me hugging her or touching her, but she wasn’t too responsive when I tried talking. I didn’t even ask for her number because after prying a bit she told me she’s only into other types of guys? Didn’t take it personally, backed off, and enjoyed the party with my friends. She stopped eyeing me the next handful of times I saw her in school.

Next semester rolls by and she’s full on eyeing me through my classroom door’s window (I sat closest to the door) EVERY time she passed by my stats class I had on the third floor of my building.. where she coincidentally started to study at with her friends.. at the same times I had class there... I don’t know what to think now!

I’m 6’3” in semi fit slim shape. I’d say I’m a decently good looking guy. Could I be intimidating to her? She’s really attractive to me. I’ve only talked to her that one time and as a reserved guy it’s hard for me to believe she’s intimidated by me but that could be the case. Other girls have “rejected” me in the past and ended up being into me. Not sure if it’s the same with my crush!

I’ve had many other experiences with this girl that leads me to believe she’s into me, I just don’t get why she would say that to me at the party... Do girls reject guys they like?

What are your thoughts and/or suggestions?
Do girls reject guys they like/have a crush on?
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