Girlfriend of 3 years now wants to sell nude pictures. Do I chill or freak out?

So i'm in a serious relationship with a girl for for over 3 years, we basically moved in to my place after we knew each other for 2 weeks. We had HUGE up and dows since then and were about to fall apart several times out of jealousy and other drama, but are still together. I'm 30 and she's 23 and i feel like she became very mature in the past year or so and we have WAY less drama but still love each other for sure.
I have to admit that often i kinda fell in her trap so to say by reacting to something which was supposed to test me. And in the end the little problem became a huge one because i was obsessing about it. I learned a lot trough this relationship, and a big lesson for me was to chill out when she says something which threatens my picture of out relationship that she is potentially my dream girl for life.
So now she came up with the idea to sell nude pictures of her to someone who she doesn't know via a female friend of hers. He pays a lot (and seems to be a creep by the way) and since my girlfriend currently struggles financially and i'm not really able to support her, she thinks about actually doing it.
I almost weirds me out how i'm chilled about it, but also i know that when i freak out about the fact that she even thinks about it i'll most likely dramatize things. Of course i don't want some random creep pay my girl for her nudes... And when i asked her about it she told me ''it's not your business...'' ... and i know it's some sort of game again and i don't want to fall for this shit test. I could go on and on about presuppositions etc. but i'd like to get some opinion of you girls about this situation. You can ask me about details of course. I just don't want to fuck it up. Kinda think that if i just chill out and make her do what she wants, maybe it's a wiser approach... kinda can't imagine her to pull it trough, feels like a shit test. What do u think?
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Aigh, thanks guys. I had to hear it.
Girlfriend of 3 years now wants to sell nude pictures. Do I chill or freak out?
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