Who is in the wrong here?

I got sent a news link last week to this story, by a colleague, but I only got around to watching the full video today. It's sort of changed how I'm looking at this situation.

In a nutshell, a middle aged lady ticked off a younger lady, because she felt her bikini was too revealing to be worn in public. She implied she was setting a bad example for the other lady's daughters.

The younger lady seemed really quite upset about the way she'd been spoken to (which the video didn't catch). I have the feeling that using the word 'Karen' (which personally I hate as a word) didn't come naturally to her, but she picked it to use something that isn't technically a swear word, but is also very uncomplimentary.

The bikini in question was a style that's actually pretty popular these days, and I kind of wonder what 'bad example' it's really setting?

Who was in the wrong?
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Who is in the wrong here?
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