Is my view on relationships and marriage realistic?

I'm in a relationship myself which is ironic, but sometimes I don't understand the point of it, when I break it down.

Seriously, two people experience attraction which lasts for not so long, then they decide to get married and devote themselves to each other. Only the two of them. But everybody knows the husband will always end up hating his wife and always lusting for other women, and the woman will do so as well. It happens like 90% of the time. The woman usually gets tired after bearing children.

Why do men want to commit when their instinct is to inseminate as many women as possible? Why do women commit when they so easily get tried of not having enough sex?

As a single person you can do whatever you want. You have financial, sexual and social freedom. You have the love of your friends and family. You can adopt, and women today have the resources to raise a child by herself. Men and women can survive without each others commitment. Is the concept of commitment just a product of human egoism? That we want to feel special and adored?

This is more a hypothetical question. I know a lot of you will think "try to answer this question yourself" but it's difficult.
Is my view on relationships and marriage realistic?
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