Does This Girl Actually Wanna Meet Me Or Is She Just Too Polite To Say No, Should I Message Her Or Wait?

In a situation where I'm Torn between wanting to make a friend, but not knowing if they like me or I'm being annoying? Can't decide if I should reach out and make plans, or wait for her to?

It's a girl from my town I'd never spoken to but knew of. Two months ago I messaged her to ask about something. It wasn't my goal to make friends, but she ended up being super friendly and talkative, she carried the conversation on all evening, to the point we weren't even talking about the thing I initially asked. She also followed me on TikTok and Insta and I followed back.
The next day, she popped up to me, and once again we spoke for most of the evening. The conversation even got quite deep when she started sharing some personal things.

After that point, we continued chatting here and there, and liking and commenting on eachother's posts. During one of our chats she suggested we meet up once restrictions are lifted.
Eventually restrictions did start lifting, so I reached out and asked if she wanted to make plans like we'd spoken about. She said sure, so I began asking about which day would be best. She didn't even open the message all night, then when she finally did, she left me on read. I Was pretty dismayed and confused, as she'd been the one to suggest this in the first place, so didn't know why she seemed reluctant now. She finally did reply that evening, and said she was out of town but would be back from 4th-7th May

It is now the 4th May, and I haven't heard from her. I'm Not sure what to do next.
I Can't tell if she actually wants to meet anymore or not, and even if she does I'm not sure if I should message her or wait for her to message me.
Something is telling me to leave her alone, but I don't know it's that just paranoia/anxiety getting in the way if me making a friend.
She's apparently only back until Friday, then I'll soon be starting a new job so won't have as much free time, so I don't want to miss out on our chance to meet.
She's clearly uninterested, don't message her
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I'm Not sure if she's interested or not, but you should leave the ball in her court and wait for her to message you. If she wants to make plans, she will
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I'm Not sure if she's interested or not, you should message her and find out
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It seems she is interested, but the ball's in her court, wait for her to message you next and find out
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It seems she is interested, you should take the initiative to message her and make plans
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Does This Girl Actually Wanna Meet Me Or Is She Just Too Polite To Say No, Should I Message Her Or Wait?
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