Girls, Would you pick any of these names for your daughters?

Since it's still Mother's Day in my time zone, I thought I'd ask the female members on this site some questions. See, I want to have kids of my own one day. Like, I legit have baby fever. And I have thought of some possible names for my daughters.

See, I find warrior women and dangerous/aggressive animals fascinating, so the names I picked for my potential daughters either involve war, battle, strength, or kick-ass animals. My question for the ladies is if you think these names would be good for your daughters, and why? Which ones would you pick, and why?

1. Matilda. Again, female warriors fascinate me. This old German name translates to "Mighty in battle."

2. Sue. Not "Susan", "Suzette", or some variant thereof. Just "Sue." Named after an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Sue is one of the largest and most complete T. Rex skeletons ever found, and one of the most famous fossil specimens with a name. You don't have to be a dinosaur nerd to know that Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the most kick-ass reptiles in existence.

3. Hippolyta. After Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons from Greek mythology. She was killed by Hercules in exchange for her magical girdle.

4. Penthesilea. After Penthesilea, the queen of the Amazons after her big sister Hippolyta died. She was killed by Achilles, who then fell in love with her after seeing her beautiful face, and regretted causing her death. I wouldn't pick this one myself, because it sounds too long and it'd likely be too hard for others to spell.

5. Bellona. It's Latin for "Goddess of War." Also the name of the Roman goddess of war.

6. Lagertha. Named after a Viking warrior woman who once ruled Norway. She even appeared in the TV show "Vikings."

7. Xena. After the iconic warrior woman from Warrior Princess Xena. I'm reluctant to pick this one too.

8. Andrea. A name that can mean "manly and strong" or "warrior." Which is cool if you want a tomboy daughter.

Also, what female names would you prefer for your daughters?
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Girls, Would you pick any of these names for your daughters?
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