Why does my friend who calls me her “sister” told me I’ll never find a good guy?

I’ve been single for years because I focused on work and studies.
I was with her through thick and thin and now she’s finally getting married to her high school sweetheart.

I genuinely prayed for them to last together and it happened.

But she stabbed my heart by constantly telling me, now it’s your turn to get married so what kind of a guy do you want?

I said just a good normal guy, because money or luxury do not matter to me.

She replied “you have the most basic and bland choice but still you’ll never find one”.

Like what’s wrong with her? She got the love of her life, her ideal partner and she only brought this marriage topic while I was just minding my own business.

Why so much negativity for me if she already is getting married to her true love? I don’t understand.
That too this hate coming from someone who claims herself to be “sensitive, empathetic, my sister and caring”.

What I and others have observed that :

She has a bad habit to control people and loves to interfere with people’s personal life.
She loves to give unsolicited advice and can’t see anyone being too carefree.

Is this the reason for her negativity?

11 mo
Also I’m just 21 and she’s 27. She suddenly brought this marriage topic out of nowhere. I was just being happy, enjoying exploring and attending a nice event. She suddenly started to give me unsolicited advice regarding my career, hobbies and then out of nowhere started discussing that “I should get married too” and then said “you have a basic choice but still will never find one”.
Why does my friend who calls me her “sister” told me I’ll never find a good guy?
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