How do children know who to trust?


After work, I went to the restaurant today and when I was standing in the line, waiting to order something, suddenly a little girl ran to me and hugged me really tight.

At that time I did not recognize who she was and I was wondering for a moment maybe that’s someone I know, but then I figured out that I didn’t know her.

The girls Classmate’s father was there as well and he asked me if I knew where the little girl’s father was,

I told him that I did not even know the child so then we asked the others and found out that the child’s father has just left for buying something in a different shop and he would probably be back in five or 10 minutes and all this time this girl was standing by my side and hugging my leg, of course, I hugged her back and I tried to make her feel protected but I just wonder why would she choose me out of all the people who are there,

Later on, after her father came back I ordered ice cream for her and sent it to their table.

How do children know who to trust?
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