Her best friend says that she doesn't want contact with me anymore?

This girl and I have known each other for like 2 years. We were good friends then both started to have feelings for each other but I screwed up big time cause i was in a bad mind state and drugs and alcohol use to numb the pain. I pushed her away and she ended our contact. Her bestfriend who was also her room mate back then never really liked me. He was always against me.

This year summer she reached out to me. We called and talked stuff out and she forgave me for everything. From that point we started to hang out again and text and call and hugging again. I noticed she began giving me hints of her having feelings for me again. She struggles with depression and other stuff. (We both actually do). However she told me she sometimes finds it difficult after everything so she wanted to build things up slowly. We both agreed.

sometimes we text and sometimes we don't for days or weeks. She ghosts me sometimes but we talked about it and she just wants to be alone sometimes and ignores everyone. This is the situation recently. But her sister told me that she does this to her as well. She's in a bad place now so I understand and I give her space. A week ago we both went shopping together and we hugged and talked. She cried in front of me and told me about a lot of the stuff that's going on.

Now this happened. A friend of mine has moved into the same building recently. And last weekend I was there. We walked into each other. Nothing bad. She even let me in. I asked her if it was a problem for her seeing me and she said no not at all. Now this week that bestfriend walked up to me while I was picking stuff out of my car. He told me to leave her alone. That she doesn't want to talk or see me. And that she wants and tries to end our contact. And how scared she is for me and she doesn't wanna be friends or more.. He said don't text or call her. Haven't talked to her since last Sunday over text. She hasn't told me anything about this and she hasn't blocked me.


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Also her bestfriend is gay. So it's not that he is in love with her as far as I know. And he was there cause she said someone was at the door but she didn't know who it was and that it might've been me. And yes I knocked but got no answer so I left to pick stuff out of my car cause I was gonna help my friend out anyway. And that's when her bestfriend walked up to me.
Her best friend says that she doesn't want contact with me anymore?
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