Girl acted extremely into me and then went cold?

So I’ve kinda been talking with a coworker for a few months now. When I say we've been "talking" I dont mean romantically just a lot of texting (mostly her reaching out) and some very light flirting. I personally am not sure how I feel about her, I'm very physically attracted to her but the logistics of being with a coworker scare me a bit. Anyway, she has always been a little hot and cold over text but the other night she went to a bar and got drunk and started texting me to pull up, I wasn’t able to because I had class the next morning and I was already drinking at a friends house, she’d even double text when I didn’t respond within 30 minutes. Then I leave to get food and she asked me where I was going (meaning she went on Snapchat and checked my location which I leave on). The next morning we’re texting pretty much all day, I had to go out of town and she checked my location again and asked why I was out of town, (not in a confrontational way or anything) and I gave a kind of vague answer and after that she was very short with her answers to the point I left her on read because I didn't know how to respond to "Hell yeah" lmao.

The next day she doesn't reach out at all which is fine, sometimes we'll go a day or so without chatting although it was a little strange how she starts acting cold just two days after she basically exposed herself as being into me when she was drunk. But she ended up going to a football game and posted herself with a guy. Now there wasn't any caption so who really knows who this guy is but I find it odd that she posted that right after all that happened a few days ago and it's very confusing to me.

What I'm wanting to know is WHY you guys think this is happening, not necessarily what I should do about the situation. Why would a girl do this?

I posted something similar the other day so I apologize but I just needed to reword it since the last post was a little confusing for some

Girl acted extremely into me and then went cold?
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