How to stop seeking a woman?

So, this isn't in regards to any specific woman, but multiple bad experiences with women over and over that led to this decision.

I just don't want to be bothered with women anymore, period.

Yes, I know not all women are the same. But I'm giving up on not just relationships, but friendships or even unnecessary interaction with them.

Growing up in the hood, I was lined up for robberies twice by a woman. She'll spend literally months getting to know you, saying she's single, she invites you over, turns out she isn't single and her boyfriend got a gun and you're now getting robbed.

Been cheated on in every relationship I been in.

Women are calling innocent behaviors "creepy" and labeling you as a predator for no god damn reason. It's one thing if you ARE creepy, making sexual comments, violating personal space, getting too personal too fast, talking about weird shit. But women are labeling men as creepy even when you don't do those things. You can nod and say hi after making eye contact, and now, you're "harassing her."

The misandry. Coincidentally, I'll be labeled as sexist for this post. You see a whole lot of degrading men, putting men down, etc, but as soon as you criticize a woman in the slightest, you're sexist, misogynistic, etc.

I hate to go down this road, but it seems like the best choice. How do I go about my goal and keep focus of minimum contact with women? I'm not Mr Socialite going to parties every night, but I'm also not some doritos and xbox in my mother's basement guy either.

How to stop seeking a woman?
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