Did I fuck up with my friend?

she and I have been close for a long time, since we were kids. We would usually hang out at my house or hers and then do whatever, like watching movies or play games.

Well, she started acting a little differently with me, with some slightly flirty stuff and whatnot. I didn't pay much mind, since I tried to make it clear that I am straight. But some time ago, when we were chilling at her house on a Saturday watching a movie, she started to get a bit physical.

Basically, she had started to touch my waist in a weird way, and got on top of me to go for a kiss. I was laughing at first, confused, but when I saw she was serious and going for it, even when I slightly tried pushing her away. I freaked out and ended up kneeing her in her crotch, like, really bad.

She quickly went to the side and I got up, and walked away. She didn't really follow me, since she was just down for the count.

I left and we didn't talk for awhile. I did end up trying to talk again, but she was extremely mad since I kneed her there. She said she threw up and that it was fucked up.

Did I fuck up our friendship or something?

Did I fuck up with my friend?
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