How to customize the look of GAG

I noticed that a lot of people seemed to really like the GAG Halloween theme, so I thought I'd explain a fairly easy way you can get it back (I know it's not Halloween any more, but maybe you just like the orange color scheme), or even create your own custom themes.

1.) Firstly, you will need a browser plugin called "Stylish".

2.) Next, you will need to download the Halloween theme.

This comprises a .css file, a logo image and a sprite image. If you just want to use the Halloween theme as it is, you only need the .css file; if you want to create a custom theme, you will need all three.

How to customize the look of GAG

(right click -> save image as...)

3.) Finally, you can apply the theme using Stylish. To do this, just copy and paste the entire contents of the .css file into the code box in Stylish. At the bottom, select "URLs on the domain", and then enter "". Then just click the "save" button, and you're done!

Bonus: Creating custom themes is actually pretty simple, although you'll need a basic understanding of cascading style sheets (CSS) - this is a good starting point:

You can see from above that the graphics are all in a couple of files, and there aren't many things you need to change, so it's very easy to just edit those. Likewise, all the colors and gradients are located in the .css fie, and only take a few seconds to modify.

For example:

Something like this only takes a few minutes to create.

Who knows - maybe if people start getting creative with themes, maybe GAG will add the option to choose from a selection of different ones, without the need of a browser plugin?


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  • That is actually pretty cool. Thanks for the info. Although there is a good chance I might mess it up :P


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  • Aww yeahhhh sweet mytake. The only MyTake I actually read lol.


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  • That's a lovely Frozen theme :)
    Now i know... i'll give it a go!

  • sounds complicated lol


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