How to keep your GAG eye candy from deactivating their accounts

So I saw a dumb question a few minutes ago about a guy complainging about a member of GAG leaving. Of course like the other majority of topics that have been about this it was a male gag member sad about a female gag member that had photos of themselves that the guy thought were attractive. There's nothing wrong with finding their photos attractive. But when you act on those feelings over the internet on a site that isn't a dating site that's when it becomes an issue for many gaggers that are the eye candy of gag. So I'm going to write a take to stop this obnoxious trend.

How to keep your GAG eye candy from deactivating their accounts

So here's how to stop them from deactivating their accounts and you never seeing their photos again.

1. Stop messaging them asking them "What's up?" or "LOL I thought what you said in this one questions was hilarious"

You aren't clever and they aren't morons. They know from the get-go you are talking to them only to try and flirt with them. They know that if they didn't have a photo of themselves up you would not have tried to make such an effort to talk to them. This one gagger that was recently talked about even had this in their description. I guess some of the lechers don't know how to read too well... If you have nothing of importance or relevance to anything about them then don't say anything to them.

2. Telling them they're attractive once is fine if it's warranted. Constantly flattering them is too much.

Yes girls along with the rest of us like to feel attractive and compliments can be a good self esteem booster. But if you're just flattering them all the damn time they're really going to get annoyed and find you to being obnoxious. It becomes clear even if you claim to care about their opinions and like what they write that in reality you're just showing them attention for nothing more than their pictures. Again they aren't dumb and you aren't as subtle about your creepyness as you think you are.

3. You're really obvious when you follow them and they look and see how you are following an absurd amount of the opposite gender more than you are following of your own gender.

Do you just happen to find the girl comments more interesting and like their personalities more? That's a possibility but that's probably not the truth. And they know that. When they see you following like 10 dudes and 210 girls they start to think why you find so few guys interesting and find so many girls interesting.

4. Your posting history is there for all to see, always.

When you find yourself commenting on girls questions or comments trying to chat them up and people notice you ignore the girls that don't have pictures and go after only the ones with traditonally attractive women in their picture that's a bit telling of your intentions and they will pick up on that.

5. Just because you aren't immidiately asking for nudes or odd sexual fetishes doesn't mean you're still not being creepy or annoying.

You may say that they are talking back to you and being chatty. Yes maybe they are chatty but for a lot of women out there they are more soft spoken and don't really know how to tell a guy to leave her alone. So they are just being nice to you and chatting with you while on the inside hoping to god you eventually shut up and go away. They just respond to what you say and wait for you to get bored and leave them be. But you don't get bored. You keep going after them and they eventually just run off because again they might just not know how to tell you to piss off.

Again guys, girls do like flattery but if they feel like they only are being acknoweldged for their looks they're going to get annoyed real fast. Some might say that this is all bull and I don't have proof. Well there is proof but unfortunately I can't exactly say it without outing some people because guess what? A lot of those girls actually came back but with a completely different name and no picture of themselves. And guess what? They aren't getting half the attention they used to get. Which by them is perfectly fine because it makes the site more enjoyable and they can filter out a large majority of the shallow dudes. So guys, if you really want "the babes of gag" to stay and not deactivate their accounts. Maybe stop flirting with them at every corner.


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  • **applause**
    I agree with everything your said in your myTake👍


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  • Well done - It has to be said now and again - It is not a dating site