GAG MAG! The Return Of The Trolls

This New Year has led to the discovery of even more trolls.

Please, check out my previous list of trolls and its definition in my previous article:

GAG MAG! The Return Of The Trolls

What I have learned upon my discovery of trolls, is that not all of them are around to cause destruction in a online community. Some of them are around for self gratification, which is further perpetuated by their ongoing existence. This causes them to rapidly multiply, inspiring the birth of more trolls.

A troll's entire existence is based off of the feedback they get from the online community,

they choose to join. If not for the responses of users, then there would be a shortage of them.

They cling on to online community after community, gripping on strongly in hopes of survival.

Will their existence continue to propel or affect you in a negative light?

Well, that's up to you!

I will further continue the troll list beginning with number 7.

7. Ancient troll

This troll is misleading to plenty because they tell others they are much younger than their actual age. They browse the online community usually talking to those who are much younger than themselves. They take on a much younger age, in hopes of blending in with the young. Sometimes this user may use their "acceptable" age as a way to engage with others in sexual talk.

I mean, isn't that great? anything is better than being known as the old pervert. Often times, this troll is insecure about their age. Who likes feeling as if they've been around as long as dinosaurs? Instead of embracing that they are older, they disguise it, fooling those around them.

8. Tenderfoot troll

This troll is the opposite of the "Ancient troll" because he/she is under the legal age but lists themselves as much older. This troll feels as if they won't be taken seriously due to some people's perception of those that are younger. Like the "ancient troll" the "tender foot troll" lists an acceptable age, one that won't be looked at as "too young" and one that won't be looked at as "too old". This troll also does this for the sole purpose of blending in.

9. Cross-gender troll

Is this troll a man or a woman? No one really knows! but from the posts this troll makes it's clear to see something is going on! This troll creates posts, attempting to make the gender they are posing as look bad. They thoroughly believe the negative stigmas associated with the gender they are disguising themselves to be. They want others from their biological gender to hop on their bandwagon, by projecting a terrible image of the sex they dislike they allow their gender to do exactly that.

This works as a validation to prove they are correct in their observations, like they hope themselves to be.

10. Politically correct troll

This troll could careless about the point you are trying to make in your question or article. They mainly want to target you because you were not politically correct in your delivery. This offends the troll. They try to correct you ,but it's done so in a condescending manner.

"Knowledge is power", please have a good argument when responding to this troll. Their entire online existence is to make others appear less intelligent. This troll thrives off of condemning others. When successful this troll reaches its full extent of satisfaction. Their goal is accomplished, they appear more intelligent than the average person.

Like the Godzilla troll (see previous troll list), this troll grows bigger and bigger the more you respond to it. He/she knows their facts and what they are speaking about. They want to be right for the sake of being right.

11. Anonymous troll

This troll could very well be an internet user you are familar with. They hide amongst you showing their username, appearing to be friendly and nice until, they get bored and check off the "anonymous option". This is where they engage in spreading sarcastic and rude comments to other members.

In some cases, this troll's joyride is short-lived because they end up revealing themselves by unchecking the anonymous option by accident. This exposes the user and they do not know how to respond afterwards.

12. Self absorbed troll

This troll presents themselves as a insecure person. They constantly ask others to point out flaws in them, in hopes for self improvement. Little do people know, this troll's confidence level isn't as bad as they want others to believe. They post a lot of attractive photos of themselves, for the attention their hungry soul desires. Their confidence level is further boosted by the constant compliments, they receive on an online daily basis. This troll is nothing short of an attention seeker. They will continue to post photos about how insecure they feel. Their growth and existence in this community is fed by those who continuously give in to them.


Keep your troll spray in handy.

You have the power to limit the amount of trolling

by simply not giving in to their comments or by blocking them.

Don't feed the trolls!

They have the ability to grow bigger than you!

“As if on a conveyer belt, there will be a never ending supply of idiots and jerks that come and go in your life. Whether you stop the belt to dance with any one of them is up to you.”

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  • These are really good points! It seems like there have been a lot of these around lately! But then maybe they're always around and I just haven't noticed them XD


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  • Well it's a good post on types of Trolls!!. Well said.

  • Troll is the new ignorant. Just a word used mostly to try and shame people who disagree with your point of view, And make you feel all smug inside.
    At least you used examples of what would actually be a troll , in most cases :P

    • Not necessarily, if you read my other take I define troll in its real definition.
      To me there's a difference between those who genuinely disagree , and then those whose mission is to disagree with others constantly and raise hell in a community. They thrive off of the reactions they get from others. Someone that genuinely disagrees, doesn't.

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    • Lets just hope thats the case!

    • It is a lot of times, The self-righteous love playing the hero and the victim, And they really hate being called on their nonsense I've noticed.

  • Nice Take, most Trolls are so annoying, especially number 12 :)

  • I like your new additions - There does seem to have been an evolution of the trolls.

  • They make many accounts and are ANON or have no pic up

  • That gif for #12 is nightmare fuel.

  • ". Self absorbed troll" = me... is that a bad thing? >_<

  • 7 + 8 completely sums me up.

  • I don't give a fuck about "trolls". My mind state is too strong for them to bother me. I refuse to be "annoyed" by them.


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  • 😀👏🏻. Too many of them here

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