Just Because You Smoke Doesn't Mean You're Gonna Die

Just Because You Smoke Doesn't Mean You're Gonna Die

I hate when people say that if you smoke you're gunna die. That's not completely true, I mean sure smokers have more of a chance of dying, getting cancer then non smokers. But that doesn't mean that if you smoke you're just gunna die.

I come from a family of smokers. We don't smoke 24/7 or nothing, but we enjoy a smoke every now and then.

And none of my family members died because of smoking. My grandpa has been smoking all his life, and he's still healthy. I for one don't smoke so much, because I'm underage, but on certain family gatherings or parties I'll sneak a smoke.

What I'm trying to say is just because you smoke doesn't necessarily mean you're gunna die. People die from natural causes and other things all the time.


Just Because You Smoke Doesn't Mean You're Gonna Die
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  • Paris13
    You are Absolutely Right with the 'Smoke doesn't Necessarily mean you're gunna die."
    However, in my own Family, and in others I have seen and read about, Smoking Does... Have Repercussions, that I do Know is True.
    My own dad has Emphysema now, is on Oxygen, my Mom has PAD in her legs (Poor circulation) and I have an Uncle who Has PAD, has to quit smoking so the doctors can soon put a St-inch in his Bad leg. He also has some heart problems, and even as I write this, he has COPD which is the start of Emphysema.
    My Uncle's Uncle Died of Lung cancer, I worked for a lady a few years back who died from Emphysema. My uncle had an Emergency Care doctor tell him her own father is still smoking, he is a doctor, is in a wheel chair, has no Legs.
    I have a relative who also has COPD and her Doctor had told her when she was out of work with pneumonia one time, "Many who smoke for over 20 years, they are bound to get COPD."
    It's Sad what Smoking can do and is Definitely a Wheel that's Never, no matter what, a good Deal. It's like Playing Russian Roulette with one's Life.
    If One is Lucky enough to Not see death, it is God who who has this Guiding Hand. But many Pay the Price Who "Light up" and certainly Eventually Reap in Repercussions.
    Good luck and Thank you for Sharing. xx
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    • Paris13

      *Thank you, sweetie, for the Like.. just saw now. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • WalterRadio
    You are wrong.

    There is a true saying, that smoking will kill you unless you die of something else first. Sure, you can get hit by a bus tomorrow. But if you are otherwise healthy and avoid accidents, smoking will be the cause of your death.

    I have known too many smokers who died of lung cancer, emphysema, throat cancer, and heart problems. It is not pretty. In fact, it is suffering.

    When my uncle was about 68, having trouble breathing, he said he had one regret in his life, that he had smoked for so long. He spent the rest of his years tied to an oxygen bottle and died from complications of smoking.

    You have to be stupid to smoke.
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  • Rainie_
    It's worse to live in Beijing (China's capital) than it is to smoke a cigarette lol. I did smoke every now and then while I was there though 😂😂😂 double killer 😂
    I personally believe alchol is worse than cigarettes though. If people drank alcohol (maybe hard liquor etc) as much as a heavy smoker, I bet you the alcoholic would have more problems faster than the smoker.
    But to be fair, anything can kill you. Could choak on green peas and die. 💁🏽
    • Anonymous

      Lol true

  • LittleMissCuriousity
    My thought is, people die either way. There are loads of things that cause cancer, including a lot of the chemicals in daily use products (skincare products, hair products, cleaning products, etc.) that slowly build up in the system. I would rather die from something I enjoy than from a random occurrence.
    • Anonymous


  • Josht13
    This is one of the worst mytakes smoking is legit one of the biggest killers out there just because people die from natural causes doesn't diminish those who die from smoking.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah sorry I'm horrible at writing, but I still stick by what I said.

    • Josht13

      I should've expanded about how there was very little writing or evidence and very poor English. But it's gonna rake in view probably so who's the real retard probably me for fueling the flames. Also your original claim while technically collect is like saying just because you get shot doesn't mean your gonna die.

  • Relentless_Hippie
    By your grammar alone I could tell you aren't very bright. Not all people addicted to cocaine die either, is cocaine suddenly harmless?
    • Anonymous

      I'm still young. Leave my grammar alone.

  • FakeName123
    Anecdotal Evidence: "You used a personal experience or an isolated example instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence."


    You are welcome, MyTake Owner.
  • sixnineanon
  • SarahsSummer
    Please, please, please don't try to justify or rationalize smoking. I know you are young which is why it's even more heartbreaking that you picked up smoking knowing the risks. You don't play in the middle of a highway do you? Doing that doesn't guarantee you'll die but it certainly increases the risks. Just Ike smoking increases the risks of virtually every disease known to man. Of course we are all going to die but wouldn't you like to live as long and as healthy as possible? Smoking is pretty much the most addictive drug on earth but you have the power and strength to stop now before it takes hold of you. If you don't concern yourself with early death maybe think about your vanity. Do you care about having stained teeth? Do you care about getting blotchy, leathery skin? Do you care about non smokers not wanting to ever kiss you because of how horrible you taste and smell? Please just stop rationalizing your ridiculously decision to smoke.
  • Melcart23
    Do you really think that the argument against smoking was that you'll die? Or do you think the argument was that you'll likely die EARLIER? Thank god you told us that we're all going to die regardless of if we smoke, we wouldn't have known that without you.
  • madam-chucky
    Thats true, i smoke but only when i get stressed out.
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    Smokers die quicker then non smokers and have a higher chance of a heart attack
    Research it and look up the facts dear
  • boyfromthesix
    yah but 2/3rd die early and health after 40 declines dramatically not a slow decline as it was in your youth.

    and the last 10 years of your life is really painful.
  • Harbor
    Hahahaha you lost me at
    "I hate when people say that if you smoke you're gunna die. That's not completely true, I mean sure smokers have more of a chance of dying, getting cancer then non smokers. But that doesn't mean that if you smoke you're just gunna die."

    Listen some people have a higher tolerance for that crap and some don't you do not know your body as well as you think you do. Most danger signs your body tells you go unnoticed or mistakened for something else. Cigarettes kill, smoke weed.
  • genericname85
    yeah and just because you fuck hookers, doesn´t mean you gunna get aids... xD
    • Anonymous

      As long as you wear a condom...

    • why would you take a condom? feels better without.

    • Anonymous

      To avoid getting aids duh

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  • Decentguy
    smoking causes other problems too, bottom line is smoking is bad and not good for health.
  • BelleGirl21
    Does it cause bad grammar? I wasn't sure.
    • teawrecks


    • Anonymous

      Don't like my grammar? Then don't read this or even comment lol

    • Don't put it out there unless you have your big girl panties on and can take criticism.

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  • SlightlyCrazy
    This was a click bait for seemnywork
    • Anonymous

      How did you know? Lmao yeah. That's why it's written so horribly.

    • Anonymous

      Shh don't tell anyone.

    • Breh

  • anonman32
    that shit stinks. i dont want to smell it.
  • Anonymous
    Smoking is bad for your health but yeah you're right we all would die eventually. I know this one woman who's 90 and smokes 2 packs of cigarettes per day.
  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't smoke because my boyfriend's father was a smoker, and he died of lung cancer. He would probably consider breaking up with me if I smoked because it's caused him so much pain. Plus, I truly care about the health of my lungs, my skin, and supersizing. Healthy lungs are important.
  • Anonymous
    Same with people saying it makes you look old. I'm 29, been smoking since I was 14 and can't even buy cigarettes if the shop owners don't know me because I always forget my ID and they think I'm underage. You have to be 18 to smoke here, and I've never once been able to buy cigarettes without them asking for proof of age.
  • Anonymous
    Its true, everyone freaks out about something that is going to kill us. Sadly we all at some point will die. Unless doctors find a miracle cure for death... But that only happens in the movies.