When a Guy Writes a Take About Girls, Prepare For Feminist Lawfare

Whenever anyone, girl or guy, writes about 'girls' or 'guys' or a subset thereof, such as 'players' or 'virgins', they are generalizing. Not every 'guy' or 'girl' has the same outlook or behavior pattern, and ditto every 'player' or 'virgin.'

No problem, so long as a girl writes the Take.

But if, as a guy, you write about 'girls' or a subset of them, such as 'girl who wears glasses' or 'girls who say stupid things about NIce Guys', to cite just two recent examples, you will get a group of more or less closeted feminists who will write in that 'not every girl', or 'not every girl with glasses'. is like what was described in the Take, and you will be accused of using stereotypes, etc. etc.

This is completely dishonest since everyone is aware that Take authors are speaking generally. For example, in these two cases, we know not every nice guy is bitter, nor does every girl wear glasses because she's low maintenance and smart.

The feminists don't discuss the overall tenor of the Take, they just dwell on the exceptions, to change the subject and denigrate the Take.

You will notice this sort of attack rarely (I didn't say never!) happens when girls write about girls in general, or a certain group of girls, in a Take. Never a mention of the exceptions to what they describe, never an allegation they are 'stereotyping' by speaking generally.

I've come to recognize the difference between honest disagreement and disguised anti-male hysteria, and block the relevant Fembots immediately. They aren't there to engage in an exchange of ideas, they are just there to attack the male.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • K. I'm going to just be honest with you and guys like you on this site. You are the male equivalent of this woman-towards women.

    And do you know why no one takes that woman seriously? Because no one wants to deal with people like that. No one wants to discuss serious issues with someone like that. No one wants to waste their time on someone who has already made up their mind, who just spouts out hate all of the time for their own selfish reasons. No one wants to have a conversation with someone who refuses to listen or with someone who only favors one gender over another.

    You're going to continue to receive that type of attention because honestly you've turned into and act just like that woman does. You act just like the one thing that you're complaining about.

    You and the crazy feminist included are only getting hate because you're giving out hate. It's impossible to talk to you because you all have your own personal agendas, you just want to argue, you just want to be right.

    • You aren't addressing one WORD of what I said in this Take.

      My point was that every My Take that discusses girls and is written by a guy gets this wave of dishonest accusations about 'stereotyping', when every My Take GENERALIZES, since we can' t have a discussion without generalizing to some extent.

      Naturally, you duck my point and of course, won't say a word against your sisters.

      I don't remember EVER having a discussion with you about anything, including My Takes

      Thanks for posting that video, though. I was going to post it on the Take, but chose this one instead! No reason not to have both.

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    • And this is why you have issues. It's easier for you to go through life calling everyone who disagrees with you a "corporate climbing feminist" or a "troll." Without actually listening or taking into consideration anything that was actually said to you.

      I blocked you because I got sick of seeing you and your suck up friend, talking trash around me, in my own post, like I don't exist. I don't need you two congratulating and high fiving yourselves because you managed to spout out some copy and pasted bullshit responses that you've already used towards 500 other women on this site who have disagreed with you also.

    • My fried is not a suck-up! What a generalized, generalization, and what a way to stereotype people in a stereotypical way.

      Me I never say anything about bitch Gil's who always block you when you hit them with reality.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Personally, I ignore feminists. Especially when they're just being c-nts. You know the ones I mean - burning down shelters, sending death threats, the same sort of useless scandal-seeking-morons who made Joss Whedon quit twitter because they got on his back and said he was a misogynist.

    They aren't just man-haters. They actively seek out bullshit arguments just to gnaw at some illusory patriarchy like a rabidly insane little chihuahua.

    • Even worse than the screaming feminist are the deceitful lawyer type like dumb blonde, who pretend to be opposed to the loud ones, but [practice even worse man hating, and attack anything true men say with rhetoric about 'genralizing', when they don't say a peep about takes like 'The 5 weird things that men do that turn me off.'

    • Dude, you have some serious issues and I guarantee they didn't start with me. So go get that shit fixed and leave me out of it from now on.

    • @Anotherdumbblonde by blocking me, you sowed you were a troll.

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What Girls Said 3

  • 'I've come to recognize the difference between honest disagreement and disguised anti-male hysteria, and block the relevant Fembots immediately. '
    ... So in your opinion, the best way to achieve gender equality is to just shut the women up and let the men reign?

    • are our feminists women? Or are they corporate androids? An open question. I any case, you can't possibly confuse the feminists with ordinary working women.

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    • Well sure but she AND other women threaten me with legal actin and as a man, it's the kid of thing where you are guilty if they say so...

    • How can the 'other women' or staff members be threatening to sue if you whatever you did was only involving the crazy Thai chick, though?

  • You've clearly never read my posts.

  • Just commenting so I don't lose this utter bullshit


What Guys Said 6

  • The same way whenever women post something that makes men tick off like, say, a woman saying size matters or that status matters, she gets barraged with hate from the guys here.
    Or when a woman asks others how she looks, there's always that one lowly asshole who posts the "one free bag of attention to you", indicating that he has nothing better to do than to make light of her plea for positive feedback.

    Dude, men are no different. Really. Men and women are equally scummy and pathetic - we just express it for different reasons.

  • Thank you!

    If they had some sort of intelligence and understanding, they would not be a feminist in the first place.

    • I took the time, wasted the time, to look up the references she listed, supposedly to show she criticized feminists. Ta da! Not one of them contains any criticism of fembottery.

      Chuckle, so dishonest, this dumb blonde, it's a wonder her nose doesn't get in the way of her typing. A lawyer-sneaky Fembot, disguising this by criticizing the STYLE of the shrill, screaming kind. Same agenda, different style.

      What a classic Fembot display we have seen here. OF course I'm posting this here on your answer because, finally exposed,. s he blocked me.

    • I knew that you're just wasting your time on her.

    • Oh! She's saying that we want to be around them 😂 such a hypocrite.

  • Pretty much. I have written MyTakes about women covering every topic imaginable, yet every time I have received more negative feedback from the female commenters than I have positive. I even wrote one about the five things I love most about women, as a celebration of femininity, and I was still shamed for it. There are just some topics where you are going to offend sensibilities no matter what you say, women being one of them along with religion and politics.

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  • if people cannot see by the context that someone is speaking generally or not not then they are just stupid people. yeah i have to agree with this take.

  • Well, excuse me for not letting mysoginistic and generalizing takes slip by unnoticed!