GAG, Don't Go Changing for Nobody!


Okay, maybe change what's necessary.

But what I've been noticing is many users have been requesting so many things of GAG, like change formats, question limits, notifications, etc., etc., etc. People will always complain about the state of GAG whether it's good or not.

GAG, don't go changing for nobody!

Ever since the return of the downvote, really I haven't seen any REAL problems with GAG. To add fancy new features and formats might just ruin the simplicity of GAG, and when somethings is changed too much and revised, the end product is so much different than the good idea we started with.

But don't let me forget...

This is not the only reason I silently oppose complaining users is because some tend to insult the admins and moderators of the site.

I actually love the work that the admins and the mods do to make sure our experience is as good as possible, and I don't think they're appreciated often enough, not even by me. I like the work you do, guys, and I hope you keep at it.

GAG isn't perfect, but I want to keep it as great as possible. So please, respect the site and its admins.

GAG, Don't Go Changing for Nobody!
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