GAG, Don't Go Changing for Nobody!


Okay, maybe change what's necessary.

But what I've been noticing is many users have been requesting so many things of GAG, like change formats, question limits, notifications, etc., etc., etc. People will always complain about the state of GAG whether it's good or not.

GAG, don't go changing for nobody!

Ever since the return of the downvote, really I haven't seen any REAL problems with GAG. To add fancy new features and formats might just ruin the simplicity of GAG, and when somethings is changed too much and revised, the end product is so much different than the good idea we started with.

But don't let me forget...

This is not the only reason I silently oppose complaining users is because some tend to insult the admins and moderators of the site.

I actually love the work that the admins and the mods do to make sure our experience is as good as possible, and I don't think they're appreciated often enough, not even by me. I like the work you do, guys, and I hope you keep at it.

GAG isn't perfect, but I want to keep it as great as possible. So please, respect the site and its admins.

GAG, Don't Go Changing for Nobody!
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    I honestly just want
    1- to see who has blocked me so I, and pretty much everyone doesn't waste a long winded response to a another user and/or troll. Or having to view questions or interesting takes with kick-ass responses only to find out that you're left out of the party without even knowing it 😱

    2- more of a personal request, but to have a better tagging system so that I don't gotta spend an hour looking up a user name. Kinda like how Facebook does it (ironic, I know)

    3- a sports and travel section... Ok, that's just my personal request 😝

    The only real gripe I have is that the site picks and chooses where it wants to report people. Like, of a question says "black people are annoying". It's fine. But if I say, "you're a racist jackass", my comment gets reported and deleted... And yes, that has happened to me on more than 1 occasion

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  • Luci92

    I agree, there's a lot of cool things going on here, and we don't want to lose GaG's individuality. There's a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes too.
    One thing I'd like to see though is a user search or something, my friend just joined and it is impossible to find her profile!
    And more settings for what people can see on your profile would be good. For example, I'm cool with anyone seeing my bio and all my details on my profile page, but I'd prefer it if only my followers could see a list of my takes, questions and opinions. This isn't a big deal though.
    And, (sorry I'm getting annoying now) I think mods NEED to be able to see private opinions due to pedobears and inappropriate comments and stuff.
    But these are just little things :)

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    • Yeah that's one of the things, a user search

      Honestly if we have a pedo watch, so many problems = solved

    • Luci92

      Yes, exactly!!
      Did you just turn 16? If so, happy birthday! :)

    • Wait what


      I'M 15


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  • Library

    I could write a whole essay about what changes GAG needs to make.

    • And if we did everything on this list of yours it might make changes most users aren't happy with and might deplete the quality of the site

  • Stacyzee

    I clicked this hoping it would be about South park... dRats!

    • Lmao well I thought of the phrase "RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE" and it sorta just happened from there

  • Mesonfielde

    I'm glad the downvotes are back, we are all now back on track :)

  • Jager66

    My only gripe with the site is it's Feminist Bias, would be really nice if it was neutral instead.

    • Where's the bias? Not disagreeing but just looking for something to point out in future debates lol

    • Jager66

      You can only donate xper points to a DV charity that support Female victims of DV. The removal of the down vote is very much a Feminist/SJW mode of operation, most the editors have a PC slant in their thinking and now days PC = Feminism. Featured content is always neutral or pro Feminist in some way.

      It's not a huge slant like say Twitter or Facebook, but it could be better.

    • True. It should go both ways

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  • YourFutureEx

    Follow feature for posts is still missing tho :/

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  • ThisDudeHere

    There is always something to be improved.

    • But the thing is that's how the internet works, there's always something to fix, hunger never being satiated.

    • Exactly. So why fight against it?

    • Because at some point this site will become something that is entirely different from the originally designed product?

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  • This_is_my_username

    dude speaks the truth.

  • Fathoms77

    Thank you!

  • JohnMike999

    I agree. 👍

  • Colton5

    Good speech!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, good take.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, there also seems to be a big censor movement going on. Everything from slurs to his and hers to healthy and unhealthy (seriously!).

    As for the Admins and Mods, some are good, some aren't. Some have a propensity for removing anything they disagree with personally. Sometimes their pets starts an argument and only the other side is deleted, and yes they do have pets.