Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for October

Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for October

Which Editor managed to capture the award for October?

We've got the answer below and in addition to posting links to the winner's three best myTakes of the month, we're also going to post five of our favorites from other Editors (and regular users) as well. This should give readers a better idea of the kinds of articles we like, and which ones tend to resonate with both the GirlsAskGuys community and a digital audience outside the site.

As usual, the Editor of the Month award goes to someone who not only produces on a consistent basis but also gives us good-quality content, again and again. Diversity and variety of theme and topic help as well, as do the community's response. Creativity and effort are part of the requirements, as is an understanding of what works well in the digital space. Some Editors really get the latter, others don't. ;) But we certainly appreciate the effort of all of them!

And this month, the winner is:


Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for October

She wins a $25 Amazon gift card for her efforts! There's no need to share exact numbers but this Editor managed to produce nearly twice as many Featured myTakes as the second-closest Editor in the group, and that's saying something. This level of consistency and quality can't be ignored, and here are three of our favorites from the month:

6 Types of People You Should Never Marry

What's the Deal With MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)?

8 Reasons You Haven't Gotten Over Your Ex

This Editor has been around for a while and is one of the few that requires little, if any, editing when she posts her myTakes. We'd like to think she's a role model for other Editors and anybody else who wants to create content for us on a frequent basis, which is another reason why she wins the award for October. :)

As for 5 other myTakes we especially loved from other GaG users in October, check these out:

Is "Ghosting" The New Dating Nightmare? -- by @AshleyBenedith

Why I'm Giving Up On Dating and Finding a Wife: Love is Dead -- by @Speedbird_747

Top 5 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Virgin Girls in Bed -- by @YourFutureEx

What Bothers Me Most About Donald Trump's Campaign -- by @Elarra

What Will it Take for Male Victims of Sexual Abuse to be Taken Seriously? -- by @ADFSDF1996

Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for October

These are great examples of the types of pieces we love to see. Sure, just about anything in the dating/love/sex category tends to do well, but it has to be well thought out and well-presented, and other trending topics - like the election, for example - are always welcome, too. Hopefully, by seeing the myTakes listed here, both Editors and regular GaG users will have a clearer understanding of what will be Promoted and Featured on the site.

And of course, a list of Editors that absolutely earned a nod in October:















Keep writing, everyone! :)

Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for October
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