You Asked And I Answered: A Video

So I asked you all to ask me some questions, and I managed to get ten.

Which was good, a good small amount for a first video.

I promised those who were interested that I would share the video here in a take, and this is me doing so.

Being my first video, it is of course, far from being professional.

I was nervous making it so my stuttering picked up a little, and I did let a few nervous giggles happen. But nothing too disastrous.

All advice is welcome, and I did try putting subtitles in, just in case people couldn't understand what I was saying, but that was taking forever, so I let youtube do that for me. Which was a mistake. Youtubes subtitles are only on point SOME of the time XD

So, if the audio quality is crap, or I'm talking too fast or too slow or if the background music was too loud, let me know and please also let me know how I can fix that.

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  • I'll have to watch this later. I can't right now

  • I thought that was awesome. And I didn't know you are from Geelong. That's cool. I just flew back from Melbourne today. And I also didn't know you are open to... open relationships.

    I love you Australians­čĹî­čĆ╗

  • nice take

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Hah... you admitted that you use this site.


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