This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!


Hello and welcome everyone! It’s your boy Hal and guess what? I’m an Indian. It would’ve given you shrills if you’re a girl😂 Well, jokes apart and let’s be serious (I dunno what serious is though)-

This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!

I’ve been on G@G for almost 2 years. I was 15 when I joined it. So, until I joined G@G, I wasn’t really aware of the reputation Indian guys have over internet. All I could see was Indian guys being insulted everywhere. There were “curry” and “improper grammar” jokes all over. Indian guys were tagged as “desperate cheap pervs”. Though most of girls admitted that not every Indian guy is same, some of them despised Indians so much that it baffled me. With time, I realised that Indian guys are really creepy and those accusations weren’t false but but it still didn’t change the way others generalised me. I had many G@G girls talk to me and mind you the number of girls was much greater than the number of guys that talked to me😂

This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!

And then I started discovering other Indians on here. I tried to avoid Indians on here. I didn’t want to come off as an Indian. I didn’t want others to see me as a creep. Meanwhile, I encountered 3-4 girls who accused me of being a perv so it was pretty obvious I didn’t want more trouble. I refrained from using Hindi- Native Indian language to communicate with other Indians.

This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!

With time, I interacted with other Indians on here who weren’t as shameful as me to admit that they were Indians. Later on, what I realised was that I can’t change or shape the way others think of a particular community. All I can do is present myself in a better way and behave myself so, yeah. Here I am finally😂

This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!

Well, that’s it for today

thanks for reading this😊

See you soon❤️

This is how being an Indian affected my G@G image!!
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  • skytatoe
    Some people generalize after bad experiences. Fuck them, let them be salty in their own corner... I met two friends off this site who were indian. One guy, one girl. Both extremely cool people, very chill, kind, funny. But I don't interact so much anymore outside of answering questions... Anyways, sucks for you to get pidgeonholed like that, condolences. Just know it says a lot more about them than it does about you when it happens :)
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  • aishsh
    Trust me I was planning to write a mytake on this for so long and you did the job and I appreciate everything you wrote because its cent percent true. High five for being an Indian #JaiMahadev something only Indians will understand 😂
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Most Helpful Girls

  • willowsky
    It's sad that people are judged by their race. I'm American and dated an Indian for 3 years and I myself was profiled based on being American. All people are different, doesn't matter where they're from.
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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun.
    As a Master on Here. dear, I can only Say, bae: "One bad Ass-ple can Ruin the Whole Bunch of Good Ones, hun."xxoo
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  • CubsterShura
    As a Bangladeshi, I get some pretty hilarious replies from Indians when they find out my nationality. 😂😂 Not all of them are bad, but overall I am doing quite good TBH.

    But my biggest pet peeve is when people assume that I am Indian from the beginning. Desi people exist outside of India. Bengali people exist outside of India.
    • There is actually even a physical difference between Bengali and Indian

    • You are right!! People who have been around Bangladeshi people more understand it. But still the differences are subtle enough for foreigners to not understand. Like how we don't understand the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese but I can guess quite correctly because I have been around East Asians a lot.

    • Lmao

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  • Reatus
    Wow, I didn't think it would effect someone so much just because of what race you are. That's interesting.
    I hope you don't get a bad rap for it anymore, you seem fine to me.
  • genericname85
    honestly if i was an indian dude, i wouldn't ever admit that on here. nothing against you but those indian guys are way too creepy and weird most times. like every time you read some fucked up question you can be sure the person asking is indian xD
  • lomimore
    You sound mature for your age very interesting take
  • SpiderManFan2002
    Stereotyping my friend. It's horrible, I know. This was an interesting read :)
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing your MyTake with us , very well appreciated :) Best Wishes :)
  • Schrodingerscat
    OP, I know lot of Indian guys can come off as pushy and creepy, I have my share of bad experiences with them but most of the chill guys I've known are Indian (including you).

    What I would never tolerate is generalization and using it as an excuse to make racist comments. It's one thing to be careful because of past experiences and another to completely spew hatred.

    If they make racist comments, hit them where it hurts. It's funny how they get all triggered when you do that.

    On reddit, a girl made comment how Indian guys are ugly, smell bad and are creepy and she'd never talk to them. A guy simply said that he'd never talk to white woman because they're fat, lack femininity (thanks to feminism) and would likely have slept with at least 100+ guys and smells like grease etc etc. And boy was she triggered by that. Lol.
  • RolandCuthbert
    Yeah, nothing you can do about people who cling to stereotypes to know you. Its weird. A lot of people here seem to love stereotyping. They just don't want it directed at them.

    But empathy is something most here disqualify. They do not empathize and wonder what it is like to have racist stereotypes be the norm for how people get to know you. For them, their assessments are based upon a certain kind of objective logic. They don't acknowledge there is nothing objective or logical about these stereotypes. They come from biased cultural perspectives. None of their beliefs actually come from talking to the people in selected groups. And it becomes even more odd when they lump cultural groups together in some weird racial category. Like when @CubsterShura talks about the difference between Indians and Bengali. I would include Pakistanis also. They don't seem to be able to understand cultural differences.

  • CandacePerry
    Great Take. Tbh lot of other people made a lot of rude comment just because I have a learning disability from the UK. I am nice to everyone.
  • WitchsLove
    I know not Indian guys are like that. The problem is even the indian guys that dont come off as pervs at first, many times become pushy after you give them trust and friendship.

    There is something about Indian guys and believing they should push girls against their will or feelings, to get them.

    They couldnt be more wrong. And I hope that isn't the case with you.
    Anyways I have had a really bad experience with an indian guy friend and since then I have been more prejudice about them. However from time to time I still talk to indian guys, but I am more how to say? I trust less.

    Either way. I know not all of you are like that. But hard to forget what happened.
    • I tend to agree with this, but with a lot of Middle Eastern guys in general. My uncle who lived in Cairo Egypt for a couple years explained to me that it's a cultural difference. I just wish certain people would be more sensitive to new cultural norms when they travel to foreign countries

      When I go out to foreign clubs on the weekends (clubs that advertise to Europeans and Latins) my friend and I have both noticed that Indian guys are pushier in general. The worst one I ever met was wasted drunk, kept groping all the girls in there, and i had to punch him in the face to keep him off me, and the cops ended up arresting him because he wouldn't leave the premises. But his Indian friends apologized to us on the way out, so I know there are some respectful Indians too

      It seems like the few nice ones take all the blame for the pushy ones because so many don't respect women's boundaries

    • WitchsLove

      Yes. Also I dont know if you mean just Middle Easterns... but I know some guys from North Africa who are perfect gentlemen. Dont know if you were including them in there lol

    • That depends on if people from Egypt are considered North African or not... but generally I've seen the pushiest behavior from Indians and Middle Eastern guys. I've noticed black guys from Africa have been very polite, but the American blacks can be extremely rude when I tell them I'm not interested in them groping me, but it depends on what area of town I'm in. And with white guys it usually depends on how drunk they are, with more drunk being more aggressive... and overweight white guys are worst about following me around when I obviously ignore them

      Online I see more white male trolls, but the Indians on here are the only ones who randomly message marriage requests... I kind of feel bad for them

      I once had an Egyptian lady try to haggle over what color underwear package she wanted when I was working at Target, so I know there's some cultural differences between women too

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  • Gambit3
    Aye aye bro...

    I did once feel to write a " my take " even though i just joined last week but eventually decided against it.

    I felt it is rather better to not state my " my take " and just be my normal self so that if and ever anyone asks me
    " Where are you from? "
    and i answer
    " India " they may not say all or some of the stuff u just mentioned but would definitely feel the difference from the stereotypes normally held.

    To put things into perspective, They would definitely introspect after interactions like these that one cannot club nationalities with personal traits.

    Anyways.. a great job 😊👍
  • ROCKS128
    Its just better to be and emit who we are!
    Proud Indian!
  • Benedek38
    The fuck is holding that cockade together? The orange ring is howering by itself!
  • saucegoddess
    Cool take!!
  • UnknownGagsUser
    You just wrote one long ass article lol
  • azzntittiz
    Still not showing you my vagina so nice try.
  • AlexEfron
    And then there are better Indians than you 😏
  • mezzymezzmez
    <3 <3 God that meme tho 😂😂
  • hakannet55
    i like everyones. also indians i like so much
  • Secretgardenblood
    I like Indian clothes
  • anirudhroxx
    Jai hind
  • Interesting
  • zagor
    LOL amusing take.
  • Anonymous
    Plus Indian men are real small in the pants.
  • Anonymous
    Plus we all think your penis is small.
    • You sound like a hater

    • Anonymous

      4 inches is small, I'm sorry.

    • I’m not really comfortable in sharing my “penis” size with the world but I’m definitely bigger than that

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  • Anonymous
    So you know how to make bows and arrows and all that stuff?
    • What?😂

    • Anonymous

      Indian? Right? You have not gotten familiar with our history? Just look up 'American Native Indian'. Its part of a joke. Maybe you will get it.

    • Ik ik