Introducing the GAG Story and Poetry Symposium!!

Introducing the GAG Story and Poetry Symposium!!

Hello, my fellow GAGers! I recently asked a question about the idea of a story/ poetry competition here on GAG. Well, I wanna see your creative juices in a form of a Symposium.

What does This mean?

This means the stories and poems will be of a topic I choose. You write a story or poem as a my take. You submit them for GAGers to read and enjoy.

What do I Win?

The respect of your fellow GAGers and possible Editor of The month. Plus I will distribute an award to the best Male and Female GAG story or poem.

What is the Topic?

The Topic is going to be: Childhood. You can write a story or poem About childhood! It doesn't have to be real or based off your childhood.

You will be able to submit your entry by entering the hashtag #GAGSymposium

So, get to writing! I would love to see how creative you can get!


Introducing the GAG Story and Poetry Symposium!!
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  • SirRexington
    I'm not doing a MyTake. Those things are a pain in the ass on this phone. So instead I'll write one here...

    When there seems to be a path,
    I dare take it
    But I stop and stare,
    Once I reach my destination
    Perplexed at the ending of where I now stand,
    Disappointed at what I thought was a new line in the Sand

    Looking back at all that i left behind,
    Thinking I had moved forward
    Only to learn i was going in circles the whole time
    Lead right back to where I began,
    Disheartened and angry at the false hope that had me ensnared
    So I slunk back down into my cold, secluded cave
    Waiting but still not expecting the time I'll be saved.
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  • DollySummers

    Blind to the darkness. Filtered out. Whispers in behind locked doors. Memories of wonders. Where has all the time gone. Children of light grow to form their own ways.
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  • GeekyGirl16
    Here is mine... no judgements please XD
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  • randomgir890
    Running my fingers through your dirty blonde hair,
    I can’t help but stare.
    Your clear brown eyes,
    Full of hope and life.
    Your big comforting arms holding me close,
    when I need you the most.
    All the things that make me love you are slipping away,
    And there’s nothing I can do or say.
    And at the end of the day,
    I look up from my bed,
    And think of all the amazing memories you put in my head.
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    • Realizing now it’s supposed to be scout childhood... oooos

  • LegateLanius
    Interesting. So, I take it this is a challenge, huh?
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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    I might make a change in my list of coming mytakes and do one first having a story in it XD
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  • beebella
    I will not be participating in this, but I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with.
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  • LogicBomber
    She stood there beside him as he lay in the bed.
    He looked up with tired eyes and tilted his head.
    'Mom!' he said faintly. And she leaned down to hear.
    'Why does it hurt mom? And why am I here?'
    With tears in her eyes she tries to explain,
    'Your body it's broken, that's why all the pain.'
    'But the doctor will fix me right? I'll be ok?'
    But Before she can answer doctors take her away.
    'Its time for some rest now.' The doctor exclaims
    'And when you wake up, there will be no more pain.'

    The doctor was right. His pain all disappeared.
    But it wasn't because his sickness was cured.

    See, as he laid resting, his sickness had won.
    The little boy had passed on, and his mom lost her son.
    He would no longer play ball, or run in the park.
    And the nightlight on his wall, would forever be dark.
  • killer4212
    When i was smol
    I loved tiddy
    It made me feel giddy
    I am big now
    I still love tiddy
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  • Jjpayne
    I will do mine tomorrow night
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  • I'm not creative
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  • watercolor_lions
    Are there any rules? Length? Grammar?
  • latinabutterfly96
  • Salutetheflag
    This is perfect for me.
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  • The_Revolver
    What do I Win?