What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!

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Hello G@Gers!

We’re excited to bring everyone five new major updates to the site designed to help you get noticed, find more relevant content, and rack up a new badge! We hope you like them!

Who liked what? See who liked opinions!

"Everyone liked that." Now you'll know who "everyone" is!

Instead of only getting a timely notification of who liked your opinion, now you can see a list of users who liked an opinion. Underneath each opinion with likes on it, there is a clickable text that brings up a list of users who liked it. This means that if several GAGers liked your opinion, you’ll still be able to see all the names, even if the notification message runs out of space to say each one! Opinions others shared also have their likes visible. Rest assured though, users who dislike an opinion are still not shown and the poster is not notified.

“Recommended For You:” A Personalized Page of Content

Computer doggo isn't just barking around. This page is really only
Computer doggo isn't just barking around. This page is really only "fur" you.

Now it’s easier to find content you’ll want to answer! A page titled “Recommended For You” has been added with this recent update under the "Feed" tab. It features personalized content curated by a new algorithm and customized for each user. It’s just for you!

What are the colored frames? Indeed, that is the question.

Having a
Having a "ruff" time getting your question seen? Hopefully this will help!

If a user has asked a question in the last 24 hours, he/she will have an extra circle around their profile picture. Clicking on a circled profile pic will send you to that user's most recent question that you haven't yet seen. In other words, like a notification, it will be cleared once you click on it.

Becoming a Hero! The “Hero Influencer” Page:

O, brave and valiant hero, please answer these questions!
O, brave and valiant hero, please answer these questions!

This is a page just for influencers. It is similar to the “Recommended For You” page, but if you share 20 opinions on the page, you’ll get the Hero Influencer badge added to your arsenal.

"What’s Hot?” The Latest Trending Questions

Hello. Yes. This is Dog, and he's here to tell you about the trending icon
Hello. Yes. This is Dog, and he's here to tell you about the trending icon

On certain questions in the feeds, you'll see a new blue or pink zigzag arrow icon in the upper right. This icon is to show you questions that have been selected as Great and Trending. Keep an eye out as you're browsing through the question feeds! They'll be featured every so often as you scroll further down.

As always, thank you for all the feedback and opinions on the site! We’re happy to hear whenever someone voices their opinion on something that they like or feel could be improved, and it’s these suggestions which help us make future improvements and decisions.

What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Boppy
    It'd be nice if comment threads could branch like they do in reddit. At least, it'd save me from being notified repeatedly when people get deep into a different conversation when responding to an answer.
    Also, apparently they had quizzes on here. I really dig quizzes, especially if we can decorate our pages with them.
    Finally, a suggestions page may be fun (for me, probably not for your side). I'm just posting suggestions in here for the heck of it.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Could you clarify what you mean by a suggestions page? Do you mean like a page to post site feedback / requested features?

    • Boppy

      Yep, stuff like I posted here. I suppose it may be best to just let people comment on the updates for clutter reasons, but a downside of that would be people's thoughts about the update getting mixed in.

  • Twenty2
    The poll sucks. Instead of saying how many of the men in total selected that poll, it shows how many men in comparison to women selected that poll.
    Is this still revelant?
    • What do you mean? Can you clarify please, for example for this poll:
      Will you be watching the new Bond movie, now that 007 has been replaced by a black woman? ↗

    • Twenty2

      The poll says that 53% of men choose first option, 70% choose second and 50% choose third. I would like it to be how much ratio men choose in three of them. Not in comparison to women. In comparison to men.

    • Swat_

      ^ Exactly. Makes a lot more sense in my opinion.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • DooMgirl
    That's interesting and all but if you ask me the site design was better in the old days, it was simple , functional

    I mean, when you comment on people's answers it all goes into conversations. .. in my opinion that makes it much harder to keep track of 'em, and there's no sort function. . .

    Also bring back the uhh. . personality types ( or whatever they were called ), I wana be a gamer again, you can't keep a gamer down

    What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!
    Is this still revelant?
    • ElvenMr

      Hah, i still have that profile picture i got when i completed that test years ago. You telling me there was a gamer personality as well?

    • DooMgirl

      @ElvenMr aye, it was special back then

    • Hi, could you clarify what you mean by “conversations.” Do you mean how all the replies under an opinion are shown together as opposed to a branching thread, such Reddit?

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  • Wonderer89
    Recommended questions and mytakes in the middle of questions and mytakes just look like ads. It’s ruins the flow of wanting to read others posts on the topic I’m looking at; by suggesting something else to look at before I’ve finished on this one
    What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you for the feedback. We changed the design earlier today to show 2 items as opposed to 4. Does that help address your concern?

    • It’s an improvement but it’s still an unappealing and seemingly unnecessary update. Having suggested questions at the bottom was enough, including them scattered through peoples opinions just looks like ads. People get passed xper 7 expecting ads to be a thing of the past
      Do you like the new update? ↗

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Máiiréad
    Welp, I know who wrote this post. 😂
  • Ultimate_Gohan
    Is it for mobile too? What's in the update? Recommended For You, Seeing Likes, and More!
    • At this time, these features are available only on mobile web and desktop.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for the notification of the updates and thanks for the updates
    well appreciated. I still think that the thumb downs on opinions should
    be limited or something done about it or change it to something else cause
    people are opening up accounts long enough to downvote people or give them
    thumbs down than they close their account.
  • tenukitanuki
  • Dragonstarterplus
    Hmmm how about changing it so someone can't insult you then block you, so you can't reply but their insult is still there?
  • Secret6620
    How do you add opinions for the hero influencer badge? I clicked the link and there is nothing there for me to do. 🌸💗🌸
    • BeeNee

      If you click on the Hero Influencer page as an influencer, you will see a set of questions. If you leave your opinions on 20 different questions in this section as an influencer, you will obtain and see a badge on your account that says Hero Influencer.

    • @BeeNee The Questions are not visible. And how do you get to the heros page on the app? I don't see the option on the app and the option on desktop doesn't have any questions posted yet. 🥺😢

    • BeeNee

      I don't think you can access the hero page from the app. You'd need to be on desktop. On desktop if you click on feed, then Hero Influencer, you should see a set of questions.

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  • ret04
    I kinda like that you can see who liked the answer. I don't expect that feature to stay, though. Yahoo did that once before and then took it away.
  • menina
    I like these updates. I got notifications when someone likes my opinions, but now with the list it's easier to see who shares my opinion.
  • Unit1
    That's lame.
    It takes the whole "what kind of users upvoted me" out and allows for identification in opinion responses.
  • Me and a few other memebers have been talking and have noticed a lack of a system to prevent fake celebrity accounts.
  • wankiam
    thats great but you still need to get rid of the downvote
  • abc3643
    What is the reason for not identifying or notifying dislikes?
    • Pretty obvious. Drama.

    • abc3643

      @ericclayton There are other mechanisms to prevent drama such as muting or blocking.

      "Anonymous" should be removed for the same reason.

      If you have the balls to say something, then have the balls to say so publicly.

    • I agree, but I'm looking at it from the site's POV. FB doesn't have dislikes, and YT doesn't have dislikes anymore. Because snowflakes can't handle dissent.

  • I like being able to see who liked a comment. Does anyone else have recommended questions in the middle of the guys comments section and the girls comments section?
  • Syrian_survivor
    Everyone: Nice update! All these features seem interesting

  • pizzalovershouse
    could expand into more topics like accidents or driving topic cuz most don't cover it so it becomes other
  • ShadowofRegret
    I could tell things had changed in my absence, only I did not know what...😑
  • humanearth
    I don't care. I was happy with the just the basics.
  • Thanks. This is a good improvement and I will be looking forward to more.
  • Angelina25
    That is so cool!
  • Just_someone23
    I don't know if I care yet or not
  • coachTanthony
    The changes are all good!
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Right on :)
  • Red-Blaze
    Great work on the update page love the gifs 😙
  • These look fun!! Thank you gag!!!
  • Did they spell Dog with Doge
  • CubsterShura
    Came for the title stayed for the doggo 😍
  • DollySummers
    Still say you need to add a quiz choice
    • Hi, could you clarify what you mean by quiz choice?

    • Boppy

      @dangerDoge What type of ____ are you? Quiz.
      At least, that's what I want so I'm mentioning it here.

    • @Boppy Ahh so like the "personality type" like they used to have on profiles?

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  • IlyaTheImpaler
    that blue frame is pretty elusive :)
  • Wowgirl30q
    Yayyyyyy 😃 options
  • Cuppo_Mode
    Not gonna lie but this app has FLAWS
  • Massageman
    So noted.
  • ChefCurry
    Great. Now I can keep an eye on the snakes.
  • Joker_
    Amazing myTake
  • Jerre
    Thank you for the update
  • Nayrr
    I'm assuming none of this works for mobile
    • At this time, these features are available only on mobile web and desktop.

  • Anonymous
    Let us delete whatever post we want. Say a person posts an embarrassing picture on this site because he/she is a teenager and teens like to mess around. One day that person becomes president and now their past will come to haunt them. Please allow us to delete old posts.