Top 7 myTakes of The Week

Every day on GAG the best myTakes get promoted and featured on the front page, a select few actually make it on this weekly “top myTakes” list. A lot of things are considered when we choose these top myTakes; view count, number of opinions and the amount of times each myTake has been shared on social media. A good myTakes has a mixture of all three.

This list is not a popularity contest, it is a way of showing the GAG community some myTakes they may have missed or a few they may have overlooked throughout the week.

So here are this week's best in no particular order:

1. GaG, it's REALLY high school!

By @ToadetteTop 7 myTakes of The Week

2. No more Mr. Nice guy!

By Anonymous

3. Wanting A Man Is So Pointless

By @bmarthinusen

4. 10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

By @trainer

5. How To Date Someone Who's In a Relationship

By @Hannah591

6. My GAG mantra - The follow up

By @YourFutureEx

7. The Benefits of Pets and Animal-Assisted Therapy

By @xHoneyxBeex

To see last week's click here and maybe next time you'll see your mytake on this list ;)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • My HS English teachers, READ THIS. You used to give me 5/10 in article writing. Now please slap yourself.

    Whatever jokes apart, this week's edition is far better than previous ones, not because myTake was included but other takes were seriously good. They aren't controversial like previous ones were.

    Tedious - #3
    Average - #2
    Compulsive - #1 #4 #5 #7


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yay! Glad I've been involved in one of these. :D

    ... I need to get out more.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Good job toadette for getting 1st. And good job to everyone else for making the list as well

  • Hahaha perfect :)


What Girls Said 2