Top myTakes of The Week: "Why It Is Okay to be Gay" & 6 More

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Here are this week's best in no particular order:

1. Why It Is Okay to be Gay

By @BaileyisDarcy in OtherTop myTakes of The Week:

2. Why You (Women) Don't Get Approached Or Asked Out

By @Words_and_Wisdom in Flirting

3. Why "Boys Will Be Boys" Just Isn't Going To Cut It For MEN

By @CommieDearest in Guy's Behavior

4. The 10 Best Places To Have Sex In Public

By Anonymous in Sexual Behavior

5. Dumb Laws in the United States

By @RainbowFanGirl in Other

6. Why Guys Aren't Approaching You

By Anonymous in Flirting

7. ... Have you Ever?

By @Betwyn in Other

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Treating an object meant for worship and the orders of creation as a tool for reckless self-indulgence and open defiance of design, especially in an explicitly forbidden manner, is NEVER acceptable.

    None of these excuses holds up well. At all.

    • Homosexuality is not explicitly forbidden, though. Unless you speak of Saudi Arabia, but that place is pretty backwards.

    • "an object meant for worship"

      Do write about a corpus cavernosum?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, thanks for mentioning my Take! I didn't know it would get featured. :) ❤️


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What Guys Said 8

  • Gay marriage was just legalized my country (Ireland) yesterday after a big majority yes vote!

    The yes side would have won by far more if the no campaign hadn't been lying, using fake statistics and changing to subject to be about children and not marriage.

    Shows how the no side really has no real argument.

  • Good list.

  • Thanks for mentioning my take. Am glad it has brought insight for both guys and girls. <3

  • 1It's not ok to be homo
    2 agreed

    4Oh please GET A ROOM!
    5Many made by liberals like Obama
    6 Shyness and assumptions
    7 No, never

    • Give me give VALID reasons on why its "not okay to be homo".

    • everyone has an opinion. people may not like yours but they should respect it. I have just decided not to care as long as nobody pushes me into their crap

    • @GenieLow Because you can't have kids or your own? LOL!!!

  • oh gawd!!!

  • What does "okay" mean? You're still not going to be accepted by straight people.

  • I am one of those "dbags" who likes lesbian porn too. Yes it turns me on like no other. Yes it's a fantasy for me. However I will tell you this... I AM ASHAMED OF IT. I'm not proud of this and I am not going to lobby for laws to marry a lesbian porn website. To me it's a bad habit that is no different than smoking of being an alcoholic. I'm sure as hell not going to consider myself "special" for liking lesbian porn.

    • Enjoy the cognitive dissonance, then, heh. It would be easier to just stop hating, though.

    • I don't think it's possible to marry a lesbian porn website.

  • its not okay too be gay its a sin, there its wrong deal with it
    either she's ugly or not giving signals of availability
    boys will be boys whatever the heck that means lol
    park, car, behind the theatre, etc
    yea its not gonna get fixed i see where society is headed
    again either she's ugly or not giving signals of availability
    most people have and they made it through and still alive too now there enjoying life cause they know it gets better

    • That's funny, last time I checked, it is not illegal to be a homosexuals in the West, and the claim that it is a "sin" is completely arbitrary. In fact, I thought judging and saying XYZ is a sin is a sin? Didn't Christ try to teach love and tolerance or something?

      Then on what basis do you say it is a sin?

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    • no homosexuality is a choice its not a disorder
      like you said before you can have feelings and then choose too follow through with them or not, so at the end its there choice too follow the feeling they have

    • ... well, i respect your claim opinion owner. (a lot of people may not agree, but they should respect you choice)

What Girls Said 2

  • I read 6 & 7

  • 4. is trash. All the others are great.