What defines a "Real Man"


What defines a
We have been growing up with our pupils limed to a screen, cause either both of our parents are working, split, or watching the screen by themselves which leaves our only really "parent" the screen itself.

We have seen, how guys act around girls by the stereotype; good guy/bad guy. And what seems to happen nearly all the time is that the "nice guy" runs away with the thruth. For the guys reading: i think we all can acknowledge that you have failed using this method; spoiling a women with compliments, ignoring her bad side, to scared to go in an argument,to tell the thruth.

Well, than we go to the bad guy phase; he's relentless, doesn't give a fuck, has his own pride and he's untame-able by society. This might work better, cause girls love it(the rollercoaster life).Even tho theyre players;girls are on ice layers, skating in the hands of the Don.

Now i haven't really been in-depth but you get picture. But what defines a real man? To me the answer is: a guy who is independent. Not afraid of his own opinion, but won't shout it or become angry during the argument, but will remain calm and eased. Give you your credit and will even admit a loss. He is well mannered and styled, isn't cocky; he doesn't show of, or flaunts his accomplishments instead he uses them as mental prizes. A type of landmark in his way to "his" top of the world. He has humor, is very honest. doesn't need to insult people to make himself feel better.

Now i know a lot of people will say humor is something you have or dont have. Well, if you spice up your vocabulairy,listen to conversations very good and widen your broads in terms of tv shows etc... you'll see how easy it is. Ofcourse some people have the natural funny look,but thats charisma and sex appeal :P

A real man can be found in anyone

The best way to be a real man is to be you. Just think before you say something. And never say anything you won't do. Dont fight for the sake of doing it, but dont let anyone step over you.

As for the girls part, i mean girls are complex to. I've met them and you have. But if you show a healthy dose of love to her, no harm could be done. If it doesn't work out,ask her why then leave the scene. Be a man. BE YOU. Just think about it: since you were you and no one in the planet is the same. It means you had opened and filled a space in her body,she had never felt or seen before(no sexual things intented here). She will miss that.

Lets skip the meatballs: a real man can be found in anyone. Some things are teachable. But to be a man it starts by spicing your intelligence,your goals, your will. Dont be stuck in that box. If you do this things will follow up. Cause how can you be confident when you're portraying someone different than the mirror reflects.

What defines a "Real Man"
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  • molan

    Interdependence and confident are feelings and hence not something that can be simply thought, although both feelings can born or killed.

    The same goes for responsibility and maturity or to be calm and eased etc., personal qualities that can't simply be learned and implemented.

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  • MysteriousFlower

    I think real men shows responsibility and maturity.

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  • Scrambled

    ... I know that the entire crew of One Direction are not "Real Men" but they command an ocean of women, so I think the question is bleh to begin with;)

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  • thomasjjeffy

    intependent - true

    do what you are SUPPOSED to.

    be responsible and reliable

    have the balls to say out problems if you have something - but try to solve as much as you can and are supposed to.

  • daydnconfused

    Oh chasms upon chasms of regret. the bar boys get réal old réal quick and the same can be Said for women.

  • luvme56

    I love your thought... bro... they are totally legit!
    And i find most of the charactristic thing in me though i am teen!

  • Diego9O

    Real man, real woman, real man, real woman. What makes you a better human been?

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  • Valachio

    Actually all human males are 'real', we're not imaginery or in some video game...

  • imbittered_punk

    Yeah this is a basically a list of oxymorons.

  • Anonymous

    If women fall for bad guys and ignore good guys then why do assholes pretend to be nice guys in the early stages of a relationship?

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    • Drake

      cause they want to show the girl, they can protect her from the rest. That he'll be her protecter