Why are boys so shy? I mean, what makes them shy?

I actually don't get it. I mean, there'll be boys who are good-looking, and smart, and they get all shy around women? Even ones that have gotten enough attention their entire life, what is it with their shyness? I don't know, I don't get shy around boys, it's the girls that usually scare me, because they can be so judgmental. The only boys I get shy around, are ones that I really like, or who are really intimidating, for whatever reason.

And then there's also boys who are not good-looking, and they're not shy, they put on this whole 'loud guy' act. They're not the least bit shy, which is confusing, because I'm not sure whether they secretly are shy, and they're just covering it up, or because they just figure they have nothing to lose.

Do boys who get shy just think of women, as a different race/species altogether lol? I know girls who act like this also, they talk about boys as though they're their own race, and I'll be thinking... they're human beings too! Why do you talk about them as though they're aliens?
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I'm sorry, I think I may have worded this too harshly, and that wasn't the intention. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is shyness towards women out of insecurity, or just... something that boys have?
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I like boys, (as friends), more than girls. I get uncomfortable around girls very easily, because of failed friendships, so I'm cautious about what I say around them.

So I value the company of men, provided they are respectful, and understanding of the fact that I am not remotely interested in them, but am seeking friendship. I do respect their shyness, because it is indicative of respect that they have for me, but I wish they stopped seeing me as a 'girl,' and more of a buddy.
Why are boys so shy? I mean, what makes them shy?
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