If a guy was trying to eavesdrop on your conversation with someone else, what was he hoping to do?

Getting out information?

Or just trying to see what you two are talking about
Why are boys so lame?
*Why are SOME boys so lame?


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  • Depends really. I, as a lame boy, usually allow myself to hear a little bit of every conversation around me. If it concerns me or interests me, I continue listening to it. If not, I spark up a new one, draw on my papers, or work on something.

    It keeps me social. If it was a private conversation, I'd probably not eavesdrop though.

    • Ha ha sorry I didn't mean all boys are lame! No offence meant :)

      I could tell he was trying to listen in on my conversation with another boy. That was amusing, but a little bit creepy too!

    • I was just joking, don't worry. :)

      There's a fine line between curiosity and creepiness. It depends on the setting and the content of the conversation. Since you're noticeably bothered by it, I'm going to assume it was unnecessary and ridiculous for him to eavesdrop. But he might be interested in you, people tend to listen to their crush's conversations in order to learn more about them, and hope to hear their name in the conversation.

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