Why do guys lose interest after "the chase" is over and he gets what he wants? Why?

I feel like a lot of my interactions with guys end the same way...

(obviously not an actual conversation but actions and implications)

Me: "ya this is cool. i really enjoy spending time with you. lets see where this goes"

Him: "Omg yes! You are awesome! I want to spend all of my time with you and include you in my life and be there for you"

Me: "Oh really? Thats great! Ok lets spend all of our time together!"

Him: "Actually... Nevermind. Im probably not going to call you again. Ok bye"

What is up with that?
"Ghosting Out" - My new most hated phrase in the English language...



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  • Well... honestly... I don't know...
    I never felt this way. I'm not about the pursue.
    Actually I accept it as part of the whole thing, cause things are the way they are. But if it's too much it's a huge turn off to me.
    The most attractive thing to me is she being attracted and showing that.

    So when she's like "Oh... well... maybe..." I'm usually thinking " Then I might as well move on.. let's see"
    When she's like "Great! Let's do this!" I'm usually thinking "Cool! This will be fun!!"

    • Yes! You're my kind of guy lol.

      If only there were more like you... My life would be so much easier ;)

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  • the chase, sounds a lot like playing hard to get, the problem with the chase is that if it goes on too long guys end out getting hooked on the feelings that build up during this time and when the chase is over the feeling that are connected to it go with it.

  • Because this is your hook up n break up culture.. !!!
    Sorry but I don't like this culture!!!

    • That seems to be the deal these days. But it sucks because they make you feel so special and then peace out...

    • Yes those players have main target of sex!!!

  • guys think if they say they want to spend thier life with you, you will immediately want to have sex with them. it sometimes works sometimes not, and if you dont fall for it they just give up.

  • Thats pointless. If I get what I want I would keep coming back for more.

  • Because they're guys not men.

    • Yep. That sounds about right.

      They do such a good job of making you think that they're men and then it just goes to sh*t lol

  • For me it all about the pursuit and i believe it has work both was and it not just a one time deal or a short deal. It a choice you have go make and that how grow deeper in love because even people that have be married 50 yeas have purse each other and learning about one another daily

  • LMAO. Simple answer. Guys want to get laid. If he doesn't reply to you again then he didn't like you and he just wanted to get laid. If he was interested in you or you gave good sex he would stay.

    • Sheesh... apparently I'm not great in bed either lol

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    • A relationship. I'm not sleeping around or anything. This just seemed to happen with the last two guys I was with. The last one was weird though because even after we slept together, things were going great and he wanted to spend all of his time with me and called me all the time and then after a month he just stopped calling. Who even knows anymore lol.

    • No no, it didn't just seem to happen. You made it happen. I see your approaching 30. The clock is ticking dear, and your chips are running out. If you keep playing games like this, you most likely won't be finding a husband or you will be getting divorced.

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