What goes on in a shy, antisocial guy's mind when it comes to girls?

I really wanna know what goes on in a shy guy's mind when it comes to GIRLS. Like there's this guy I know that's super manly who goes to the gym & plays sports & is super outgoing when talking to only his friends & other GUYS. But when he encounters a female, he completely avoids them & makes no effort in making a conversation at all.

I just wanna know if he likes me because he does try to make a conversation sometimes but it literally ends up going nowhere and I notice that it takes him a lot to try to talk to me. And I do notice that he does avoid me too lol like when he sees me he would go somewhere else. I heard that when guys avoid girls or a certain girl it's because they're nervous to talk to them or are sexually frustrated.

this guy is not that cute nervous, type of shy. he's ANTISOCIAL to girls like he acts as if he wants no female interaction at all he's not mean he just appears rude because he doesn't wanna talk to anyone who's not a guy. And I FOR SURE know he doesn't have a girlfriend

So I just wanna know do shy, antisocial guys WANT to talk to girls but are too afraid to, is that why they avoid them? Or do they just hate women lol. And do they think about sex at all?

What goes on in a shy, antisocial guy's mind when it comes to girls?
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