Does My Professor Like Me? What Do You Think? Part 3?

The weird thing here is that my classmate's wife comes over and says "What is this?" At first he and I were both confused, but we didn't let go of each other. I thought maybe she was weirded out from a cultural perspective by us hugging (but like I said her whole family is Americanized so I knew it wasn't that). Anyway, my old professor stuck out his free hand in a palm-up position, like that "no big deal, chill out" gesture and said "What?" My classmate's wife repeated herself excitedly and I felt my professor tense up more, so I looked up and he had the guiltiest hand-in-the-cookie-jar look on his face. I thought this was the weird thing of it all. I'm not the best judge of social circumstances, but I'm VERY keen on catching subtle facial expressions for some reason. No doubts, it was a big guilt look. Anyway, classmate's wife quickly chastises him for greeting me in English , not Arabic, and she bursts into this cackling laughter (lol). It had nothing to do with the hugging or whatever.
So, instance two, at another get together months later he came again, and we ended up (about a dozen people) in a big projector room in the dark watching a movie he brought for us from Egypt. I was sitting in the front row off to one very end talking to that old man again while my professor got up from the opposite end of the row to introduce the film. While he was doing so the old man got up and went home (it was getting late) and when he was finished with his intro my professor came and sat next to me. So, we watched this film in the dark (not alone in the room though) and at one point I was confused about something and leaned in to whisper a very simple question about where the character was. In return my professor leaned in and put his arm around me and whispered in my ear for about 2 minutes (it ended up being a sort of back and forth whispering conversation) about the setting and Egypt and its cities etcetera.
Does My Professor Like Me? What Do You Think? Part 3?
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