Why does he always tell me what he's up to when he's busy?

So I've been talking with this guy for a couple weeks now and were both busy of course and don't always reply right away to texts etc but its going good. We aren't a couple or anything by the way right now. But what I realized is even if we don't talk much for a day, he always tells me what he's up to. If he doesn't respond for a few hours he'll say like, just got back from a game, work, went out or just what be did etc and that he's tired or he'll tell me like how the game went or whatever. I'm interested in him of course so I don't mind it at all, I think its nice that he tells me but I just wonder why he does that sometimes. Like yesterday we hardly got to talk and he texted me in the morning saying what he did and he was obviously busy from what he told me so I didn't mind but do you think he's doing it just to let me know that he's still like there for me/thinking of me? We have days where we talk a lot but some days he's just too busy like I said and he'll usually text me that night before he goes to bed even if he's about to fall asleep soon. What do you think? Thanks!
So you know even though he's busy you're still on his mind
He just likes to tell you what he's doing
I don't really know
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Why does he always tell me what he's up to when he's busy?
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