Are we more than friends with benefits?

I am confused with my situation. We both agreed before that we are friends with benefits. I asked him if I am allowed to have sex with other people, and he said yes since we are not in a relationship. But, why is that we say "I love you" to each other, cuddle, hang out with each others friends. Last week, I got jealous, and he said he thought it was funny and he like it when I got jealous. I am confused. Isn't it I am not allowed to get jealous or we are not allowed to say "I love you"? Also, when I text him, and he did not answer for a day, he would apologize and explain why. Aren't we not allowed to explain if we stop communication for a bit?

Then again, he also forgot about my birthday, he remembered around 11:00pm on my birthday, he was very sorry and said that he was going crazy because that should not have happened and that he really loved me, and always remember that, and he is ruining everything (I am not sure if he meant, he does not want to ruin our friends with benefits situation). I told him, it's all good, I do not expect anything and I am a bit disappointed, but I am over it. He said he hates that I am disappointed by him.

We are not seeing anyone else at the moment. But, we agreed that we are free to see other people. Oh, and he calls my mom "mother-in-law" and i call his the same as a joke.

So, what are we? Are we friends with benefits, or are we more than that?
Are we more than friends with benefits?
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