What does he mean by saying "in do time"?

OK!! So to make a very long story short I've been dating this guy for now three years. The first year we built and bond, we were friends. Then later on he confused he's in love with me, I told him I was in love with him too. We never actually talked about being in a relationship but he'll introduce me as his "girlfriend... my girl... my baby" to his friends. I lost my virgin to him Jan 2015. Around that time he lost his business, and it has effected him drastically. I can't put myself in his shoes because as a man I know that's a hard pill to swallow. He hasn't really gotten back on his feet yet, with a steady income as before. He's totally still stressed but doesn't try to show it. I can tell because for one he smokes a lot. He flew out to were I am now, and recently snapped out on me saying how he scraped up money to come see me and spend time with me. I feel bad. We recently had an argument because I seen some girl text him something too friendly, I questioned him about it and he said I need to lighten up I think too much, it's nothing going on. In the back of my head I want to believe him BUT I also don't want to be naive. I told him I love him and he told me he loves me more, I said prove it and he said "in do time" what did he mean by that?

Side note: since we have been talking I never asked him tom but me anything (materialistic.. etc) all I ask for is just to spend time with him.
What does he mean by saying "in do time"?
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