Guys, are you more of a "macho man" or "sensitive guy"?

Are you one of the tough guys that typically stick to the idea of masculinity or are you more of a soft guy that could be categorized as being "feminine"?

Today''s society is almost backwards from what it was decades ago. The women have become providers for themselves and even cougars/sugarmommas. Do you believe that the man should be head of the household? Should he always be tought?

Do you have balance between being macho and sensitive or is it one sided?
I want to be the head of the household, provding.
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I wouldn't mind being taken care of (swapping traditional gender roles)
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I'm macho and sensitive
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This poll is too simple, I'll read the description and comment
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Guys, are you more of a "macho man" or "sensitive guy"?
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