My crush knows I like him... now he's avoiding me?

I've had a crush on this guy for a while now, and a few of my closest friends kept telling me that I needed to tell him how I feel. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided that he deserved to know. I probably made a huge, stupid mistake by sending him a message telling him how I felt instead of talking face to face, but I got too scared at the thought of saying it to him personally. Now that he knows, it seems that he has been avoiding me. He doesn't talk to me much since then. But one day when I was on the bus, we stopped at a stop sign and someone was outside the bus (my crush) and I saw him looking at my seat from the corner of my eye. He used to give me hugs, and flirt with me by calling me 'cutie' and trying to pull small pranks on me, but now it seems that he's avoiding me. I feel like the next time I see him that i should confess my feelings to him to his face, but not act like I'm begging him to like me back. Just like ' hey i thought you deserved to know that i like you and think your funny and it is just time I get the courge to not hide behind a screen (hince the message). Should i do that? Did i freak/scare him away? Also, one of his friends teased him a lot when i was around. What could this mean?
My crush knows I like him... now he's avoiding me?
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