My friend with benefits says he misses me?

Okay so I met this guy last November in 2016 and only saw him twice at that time for sex only.

We do not live in the same country, not even same continent and he messaged me couple of times after that asking me when I would be back because he wanted to sleep with me again. I always andswered him a bit bluntly that I had no idea when I would and that it wouldn't be anytime soon.

But 7 months later I actually went back to that country so we met up again and my schedule was really tight so we saw each only once for one hour. Purely for sex again. I was leaving again the day after and 1 or 2 weeks pass before he messaged me again asking for news and for feedback on his sexual performance which I honestly answered saying it wasn't that great. We kinda laughed about it and barely kept in touch.

Then yesterday, he texted me "I miss you" 1 week after our last exchange. We honestly barely talk and the few times we texted each other it was always sexual related.

He honestly doesn't seem to be the type of guy to get attached and had actually been complaining about girls wanting more from him.

So I am really confused. What do you think is going on in his head? I think I might have hurt his male ego when telling him it wasn't that good in bed. And although we already slept together, I'm pretty much "unreachable" since we do not leave in the same country I guess.
My friend with benefits says he misses me?
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