How do guys feel about big saggy breasts on young girls?

I've seen questions about this topic on this site before but nothing that I could relate to so here is my version.

I'm 21 and still a virgin (because of my insecurities with my breasts). I have double D's but they are very low and the nipple points downwards. If I was standing naked infront of you you wouldn't be able to see my areola/nipple (is that low ): ) If I lay down they go under my armpits and if I'm sitting down braless (bending my back like most people do) they can sometimes even reach my thighs...

At one point (when I was 14) I was taken to a surgeon due to back pains but because I was overweight at the time he didn't want to operate me. I lost 50 pounds and he still refused so I ended up feeling worse (skinny with huge saggy breasts). I fell into a time of depression and gained the weight back but I started the gym a month ago to get back in shape.

My breast are just such a turn off to myself. I just feel so insecure about it. My family keeps telling me is ok (my dad's side has similar breasts but they are all married with kids!) I'm still scared of what men might think about them.

And yes, I do care about guys' opinions because I want to gain confidence but at the same time make a future partner happy where I know he can find me as atractive as I'll find him. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading! Hopefully I can get some helpfull feed back! :)
How do guys feel about big saggy breasts on young girls?
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