I bought her a gift and now she hates me?

I have been working with a girl who is Israeli and obviously Jewish. We started to talk at work, with her starting to wave and smile at me. Occasionally I saw her staring at me, and she would come over to talk to me. Also she would do that shoulder touch thing. I maybe mistook this for flirting, but a colleague of mine told her I liked her but her response was that she had a boyfriend, but she only sees him twice a year cos he lives in France. I left it after this, but I could sense that she was still flirting with me, although she was quite shy the smiling, touching continued and I believed she was beginning to trust me.

I asked her for a drink one day, and she said OK give me your details so I did. Turns out she had to work that night which was true cos my mate saw her. Anyway I left it after this until I saw her again a few months later. She said she will give me er new number as she lost the old phone. I wanted to surprise her with a couple of tickets to the theatre (as she is studying to be an actress).

Well I bought the tickets 3 weeks prior to the show date o it gave me time to ask her out (as I still never had her new number), then it got to 5 days before the show date and I hadn't seen her at work, so I decided to give them to one of her work colleagues to give her as a gift. I saw someone to hand them too (I included a note to explain the gift) but the net day she rings me on her new phone to tell me she needs to talk. Basically she gives me an envelope with a note and the full cost of the tickets and tells me she can't accept them as it is too much and too big. I texted her that night to explain they were a gift but she has been ignoring me ever since.

At work a few days later she looked petrified of me, and tbh every time I see her now she doesn't wave and she totally ignores me, it makes me feel so sad. My friends that are girls tell me it was a nice gesture but I should not feel guilty for it even though I maybe went too far.

I just wanna be friends with her at least again.
I bought her a gift and now she hates me?
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