Why would he lie about losing his wallet?

OK, so I think the guy I'm dating (of almost a year) lied to me about losing his wallet. We had a night planned to hang out together and earlier in the day he texts me that he lost his wallet and that he had even retraced his steps and driven to everywhere he had been that day. As the day went on, he still claimed that he had no luck. We ended up hanging out at his place anyway. I will say that both he and I are on hiatus from work and money's tight, I totally get it. Really, all I want is his company, which I even told him. I'm not expecting him to shell out cash whenever we go out, although he won't ever let me pay for anything when we do. Long story short, I totally saw his wallet peeking out from his nightstand drawer. I didn't say anything to him, but I felt hurt that he would lie to me. I want to confront him, but I'm not sure how or if I should. Would he lie because he can't afford to or doesn't want to take me out? Or is this some kind of weird sign of infidelity or that he could be hiding more from me? I don't want to embarrass him if this is about finances, but at the same time it's not cool that he lied to me. What should I do? Thanks for reading!


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  • ask him girl trust me you need to x

    • I know I should, but how? What's your opinion of what happened?