Why is he suddenly noticing me?

There’s this guy I’ve known for two years we see each other multiple times a week for activities we’re both in, the entire time I’ve known him, he’s barely spoken to me and would only ask me how I’m doing occasionally to be polite. It was to the extent that I would answer that simple question and he would walk off before I could finish my sentence. When I was riding with him and some other people he criticized my music taste and he would move somewhere else if I was around him. I’ve never had any interest in him and never went out of my way to talk to him. However, I have changed a lot especially recently. I have a lot of guys hitting me up and I’ve done some casual dating and talking and I’m more outgoing now. Since then he is initiating full on conversations with me and asking me questions about myself. Why is he suddenly talking to me?
Why is he suddenly noticing me?
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