What does it mean when a guy keeps mocking me?

So there is still guy I met online, we did hang out and been messaging almost every day for more than a month now. But whenever I say something wrong or stupid he makes fun of me, or mocks me that it's going downhill with me and calls me with silly names. The last time he did that I became kind of mad because he was mocking me more than ever and I didn't like it, mostly because after that I feel like I am stupid... Or when I feel like I sound good in a voice recording and I tell him that he just says something like "well I don't know about that :)" and just doesn't say yes/no. We both agreed that we have good chemistry and we used to flirt a lot. he let me know that he is kind of scared of new relationships because of his past relationships that didn't work out. But he never told me what he sees me as or where I'm standing.
What does it mean when a guy keeps mocking me?
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