Can a guy touch a girl quite often without being attracted to her?

There' this guy I like and since I met him there was a spark BUT I could never figure out if he liked me back or not. He has had girlfriends in the past so he has more experience than me in the dating world, but whenever I see him he still looks kinda clueless about what he's doing when flirting or getting with a girl (I never saw him trying to flirt with another girl). I don't know if he's just shy, I've known him for just over a year now and we actually saw each other a few days ago with a group of friends. During this meeting which lasted hours we sat almost the whole time next to each other and when he wasn't talking to the others he turned and spoke to me asking me how my last weeks have been and stuff like that.. I was quite shy while responding BC I REALLY LIKE HIM lol.

During the same night he kept touching or caressing/stroking my back/shoulder area and sometimes as a joke he would give some slaps to my inner thighs to listen to the noise it would make. I found it funny but I honestly don't know if he was just being super friendly and giving me support or bc he's attracted. If he actually secretly liked me I would be surprised AF tbh

The same night he hugged me from aside and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we were jokingly speaking so I wrapped my opposite arm around his waist as for 3 good second he seemed like he got weirded out and the situation was kinda awkward BC we never touched as my much like that before, so as I pulled away I thought "damn he doesn't like me" but I don't know he could have just been shy..

I care about him a lot and sometimes I feel kinda in the friendzone with him, but I don't know if it's BC he's BAD at flirting or bc he just cares about me like a friend.
He even jokingly said "show me your boobs" and "don't you see how hot I am?" ... but as I said before, this guy is very naturally funny, friendly and outgoing on his own.. that's t why I struggle with knowing if he's actually attracted to me
Can a guy touch a girl quite often without being attracted to her?
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