I’m really confused about my crush?

I’ve had a crush on a guy for 6 years. We have flirted like crazy and are good friends. Which is the problem, I think he has friend zoned me.

He has complimented me, flirted with me sexually, got somewhat jealous at the prospect of me and other guys.

However, today his behaviour confused me.

We were chatting and two of my colleagues came into conversation. He said that they were good looking. He was making comments about my boobs and bum (I’m quite curvy and he normally makes a comment). He seemed interested in seeing any naughty pictures on my phone.
But then he said he sees me as a friend. I asked him if he finds me attractive and he said “it doesn’t matter whether or not I find you attractive, I see you as my friend”

So I’m assuming I’ve been friend zoned. Does he find me unattractive?
I’m really confused about my crush?
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