Boyfriend always borrows car?

My boyfriend drives a Leaf (electronic car), so when he goes on roadtrips, he asks to borrow my car. The problem is that he is putting on a ton of miles on my car. He lets me use his Leaf while he is gone, but if he is gone for some time, using his Leaf is a pain since I can't charge it at my house (my outlet doesn't have the correct voltage), and I have to charge it some place else. He is using my car for a three-day campout with the guys this weekend. Since there are five guys going, I don't understand why he can't carpool with one of them. He told me it was because he wanted to make some other stops on the way and get there earlier than the other guys. I think, though, I need to put some boundaries with him and borrowing my car. Do you think I am being unreasonable if I tell him next time to carpool? Wear and tear on a car cost money.
Boyfriend always borrows car?
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