What are some signs that a girl is hesitant to go out with you?

What are some signs that a girl is hesitant to go out with you? As opposed to not wanting to go out period. Also why do girls get hesitant


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  • if she's nervous around you, or looks at you a lot but doesn't really speak to you, eye contact shows a lot actually. when I like someone but are kind of afraid to tell them or let them know by saying it, ill end up looking at them a lot or trying to catch their eye. girls usually get hesitant because theyre scared or nervous..i mean I'm sure a lot of us boys and girls can say that we're scared of rejection. for example the guy I'm going out with now, before we started dating I tried to tell him "i like you" but what came out was "im sure you already know this but i-i-i gotta go" and I just left because I was too scared. later on my friend told him that I was trying to tell him I like him. what makes you say the girl is hesitant though?

  • some signs are that she avoids eye contact, maybe if she gets uncomfortable around you, or if she starts acting weird/strange around you and like..tries to get away from you. For example, she starts avoiding calls, ignoring texts, prolonging hangouts, etc. She is probably worried about ruining the friendship, being rejected, or maybe worried that you don't feel the same way she does about you..if you already told her you likes her than its fear of something going wrong whatever it may be. if you haven't told her, she probably notices signs but is hesitant because she doesn't want to look like an idiot trying to tell you how she truly feels and finding out that she misread your feelings for like..being close friends or something like that.

    • Yes, recently she has been really weird about us hanging out. She will say "yeah lets hang out." then say "oh well I got this and this this weekend." So I have to check. I said alright so text me when you can. She doesn't text me but when I text her she's texts back right away. She's still really nice to me and all. I told her yesterday "look I can't keep suggesting sh*t if you aren't willing to meet me half way."

    • She goes "i am sorry" and texts me back after I didn't answer saying can you do something now? probably not right? She just either really bad planning sh*t. Doesn't want to hang out, or hesitant around me. Because she does that you said around me now. She didn't use to. Around everyone else she is outgoing! I really don't get girls lol.

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