Should I Try To Become More Dominant, or Stay Submissive?

I believe this is self-explanatory. I'm a man who's a Sub (Submissive) in relationships, mostly non-sexually. Sexually, I can be dominant, but that's rare.

The thing is, I am well aware that to most women, submissiveness is a turn-off. Most women want dominant men, or at least men who wants an equal relationship. I also see comments and posts from men online (especially older ones) that as a man, I should be dominant. And I'm not one of those SJWs who believe that gender is a social construct. I know that on average, men are larger and stronger than women, not to mention more logically driven. And for those reasons, men's jobs throughout history have been to provide, protect, and lead. Knowing all this has caused me to become insecure about what I am.

So I have been dealing with this crisis for a while. I don't know whether to stay submissive, or try to make myself a more masculine and dominant man (I'm not effeminate, just unathletic, artistic, and passive). Especially considering that almost all of the women who want dominant/equal men are usually pretty feminine/girly, which doesn't do it for me.

For me, the ideal woman is a masculine one, basically a sporty tomboy or a warrior woman.(That means NO androgynous/butches/studs). Athletic or muscular body, can fight well, is assertive/aggressive, dominant, competitive, can hunt/fish, etc.

I truly do want to get into a good relationship one day, maybe even have a family of my own. But it seems like if I don't try to stop being a Sub, that will never happen. I know that being more masculine and at least wanting an equal relationship will give me WAY more options when it comes to women--but they won't be the women I find attractive. So what do I do? Try to become more masculine and dominant, or stay a Sub?
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EDIT: I realize that my preference sounded really specific. Basically, to me, traditionally masculine traits in women are attractive. Most of the time, it's sporty tomboys that pique my interest, since they tend to have several masculine traits--strong bodies from physical activity/exercise, competitiveness, a passion for sports/hunting, et cetera.
Should I Try To Become More Dominant, or Stay Submissive?
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