I have started hating men... What should I do?

I don't want to hate men... BUT

They have oppressed women throughout the history.

They consider women inferior.

They limited their opportunities, they didn't allow them to be educated for a long time.

They don't respect women as much as they respect men. They don't take a woman seriously.

They harass women, catchall women and rape women.
They have curse words which often insult women. Ever heard of fatherf**ker? Swear words are often sexist.

English language is sexist. God is considered a male.
Many times, people including women are referred to as 'he' and 'men', for example 'mankind'.

They allowed female foeticide, dowry system, and girls moving to the in law's home after marriage. They also created sexist traditions such as bride's father washing the groom's feet in a marriage ceremony...

Also, women have to take men's last name after the marriage and the middle name tends to be the father's or the husband's. In Islamic countries, we have burkha, women can't drive, triple talaq system, etc. It is all even worse!

Plus, men hate it when a woman is better at something than them...

This all has made me lose faith in men and I have started believing that men have an inherent instinct to oppress women. They don't care about women, they only care about themselves.

I know that things have started to improve but all the generations of men oppressed women, so I believe that men are all like that - all the generations of men will continue to oppress women.
I have started hating men... What should I do?
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