Why does he like other girls pictures but not mine?

I’ve been seeing my team lead at work for a few months now. It started off as we were strictly just going to hook up, but we haven’t even slept with each other yet. Instead, he takes me out, we do fun things together, he buys me food, we text everyday, he comes and talks to me at work and plans things in a way that we can work one on one... He calls me baby, just told me the other day for the first time that I was pretty, and it made my heart flutter.. He even asked me to go on vacation with him, we have plane tickets and everything... It’s going great and we’re not official or anything, but I’ve seen him like other girls pictures on Facebook. He hasn’t been doing it much recently and I don’t know if it’s because he’s catching feelings or not, but I’m a little disappointed because I just updated my profile picture on Facebook, and he didn’t like it at all.. I guess I’m bummed because why was he able to like all those other girls pics but not the profile pic I just posted? Hoping to get some answers, thank you!!
Why does he like other girls pictures but not mine?
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